30 [Two 6-figure trades in the portfolio! Nov 19, 2019]

  • I, starting to set up again on the long side potentially, like it did Friday had a close to 30% bounce, and now it’s having a second leg lower, I think there will be a nice bounce eventually, ideally this thing goes sub 5 before that, but nothing I’m gonna look at out of the gate. I making lls and lhs, so they’re still selling this thing, I think it could be a big big trade, especially if it can go to like mid/low 4s today then gap down tomos have another washout, could be a big bounce here, and pretty liquid too, definitely setting up for something good imo. Looks like it wants to take out further lows, which is good.
  • KRTX had an offering ah, the stock is green rn, I will stalk it for a potential short, ideally it goes to 150/200 first but if I see a good setup I may trade it. Does feel like it wants to take out yday highs potentially, I did put in a small short order in case they walk away. Yeah almost at yday highs what a monster, went from 91 to 98 in 1min candle, almost a dollar spreads. KRTX actually did put in another lh so that is something to keep an eye on. KRTX at this point I’m gonna try get some short off any strength, into any pops gonna try short some, definitely showing some weakness here. KRTX bouncing now a little bit, but I still need it higher to short, if it can put in another lh then I would probably look to short into weakness. It’s still holding below vwap and doing kind of a lh thing so far. KRTX I got filled, hit 92, so this is gonna be my stop now, 29c such a small risk. On the 60min there is a bigger breakdown here at 83 on the bigger picture chart and if it breaks 83 may go down to 70. KRTX stopped me out, took a 4k loss on it, I hope it goes higher bc if you look at the 5min it’s been building hls and lhs, just inside of a range.
  • ROKU I made back my losses late day and eventually went green on the last day fade here, but did cover all of it before close so I missed all of this, didn’t have the bp to swing this thing short. Was hoping for a stronger open than this it’s gapping down a load so unfortunately won’t be another trade here today. For daytraders could be a setup like orls or a fail at vwap. ROKU building a range now, if it can take out orls could be like a $2/3 risk trade there to make like $10. ROKU got rejected off the declining emas, put in some lhs and broke lower, that’s a daytrading setup. ROKU look what it did, textbook intraday chart, failed the bounce, hit resistance areas these declining emas, put in lhs on the 1min here, took out the range to the downside and now it’s just fading.
  • MYOV huge volume already. MYOV shaping up, put in hls so far, thing could squeeze the volume is insane.
  • MTNB I added some, I have 70kshares now. MTNB the director bought 100kshares on the open market that’s good, not a huge position but nice.
  • SE, great rev growth and momo, and just flagging on the 60min, I took a small loss on it yday, I bought it when it started perking out of this little base then it closed too weak I didn’t want to hold a weak position overnight, but if it rebreaks 37 especially if it can make another hl that would be a great setup.
  • CHK and MDR I’m watching for potential bounces, when they get really cheap, I’m thinking when they get down to like down to 10c why can’t they bounce back to like 50c or so, that would be a 400% move. They’re kinda slowly bleeding rn, I think they’re both guaranteed to go bankrupt looking at the charts, and obv they don’t have to bounce, but if they go to 10c your risk is 10c, pretty good r/r.
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