29 [Last opportunities of the earnings season! Nov 15, 2019]

  • I, still watching for a potential mean reversion trade, I would love to see an undercut of yday lows but prob not gonna see that, if there’s a good intraday setup I may trade it, but not gonna touch it out of the gate. Had a pop pulled back now it’s kinda flagging intraday, for you daytraders there’s definitely something here, could buy it here 13.06 risking 12.70 or something, risk like 35/40c and if it bounces could easily go another $1/1.50. This is what I’m talking about, took out this 13.06 and now it’s going, building hls intraday.
  • SE gapping up a little, they said in their filing they’re gonna buy another company so that’s why they raised money, they didn’t really need the money they already have 2.3B cash but to raise another billion that’s a good kind of offering, an offering into strength.
  • JCP broke out a few days ago I passed on it, and now it’s gapping up, on sh*tty earnings, but it’s gapping up. JCP I’m a little bit tempted in case it breaks orhs, you could literally risk 4c and if this thing starts squeezing, it could really start squeezing. It is just coming out of this multi month bullflag, ideal entry was sub 1.15 a couple of days ago.
  • AGRX I’m down 30k on it, they got a 3month extension or something, they were supposed to have something Monday my thesis was they may squeeze it into today Friday and I maybe get to sell into $3, but instead I got 1.50. There was a lot of shorts on Twitter so I thought the price is going higher, a lot of these guys may panic cover, but instead the news flow was not in my favour, I still have the majority of my position gonna use that rising 20day as my stop. Starting to reach some resistance areas, gonna size down a little bit here, lock in a bit more of the loss.
  • LK gapping up a bit, I may do a few orhs with a very tight stop. Bought 20kshares, 22.19 avg big slippage. LK going higher again, very lucky it didn’t take out this stop area.
  • AMRN so far below vwap, if it fails vwap could be a daytrading setup where you risk 15/20c to make maybe $1 or maybe $2/3 if you’re willing to swing it, could be a good r/r setup. Couldn’t even bounce back to vwap, sign of weakness so far. Let’s see if it can bounce to the vwap, did put in a hl.
  • DDOG looks great from earnings day entry, breaking out to new highs, exploding higher great sign. I’m up about 7% I should sell a few tiny.
  • FCEL bouncing off support on the 60min chart, also happens to be this declining 150day, bouncing at both those levels different time frames, that’s good.
  • PLUG strong after yday pullback day, this was a perfect day trading setup, was up 5 days in a row and on the 5th day gapped up, took out orls and faded, perfect.
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