28 [100% in 2 days on $FCEL! Can it go more? Nov 14, 2019]

  • AGRX I bought 35kshares starter position, if it gets volume and holds up I’ll buy more. So far volume is not exciting, is on par with the volume of the last 3/4days. Okay stopped, I took a small loss on it, there’s a buyer at 2.17 bc I got filled on my 35kshares in a flash no slippage.
  • FCEL I’m out 1/3 this is a double for me, I’m gonna scale out I think this thing could go up even more, it is at a resistance area this is the highest form back in early Jul2019, I’m gonna trail my stop from now on on this thing, with this volume why can’t it go to 1.50s. I sold a little at 99c and my next sell order is at 1.16. Not interested in a short yet, maybe if it gets up to 1.50/2 that would be interesting, like let’s say it goes to like 1.20/1.30 today and tomos it gaps up and puts in some lhs or takes out orls, that would be an interesting short, or preferably it goes to 2 before that, but rn there’s nothing here not even at a dollar yet, and only the 2nd/3rd up day, this up day was very minor, these types of stocks you gotta have patience, they can really double and double again. I’d rather give back all my profits on the long side than short it here let’s put it that way.
  • Fuel cell names these PLUG, BLDP and FCEL, I am a big excited about, this may be just the beginning of the move, this could be like the weed stocks last summer or the crypto stocks last year, double be like double then double then double again.
  • Markets are getting a little bit overbought and the breadth has been declining for the past week or so, I don’t think this is the time to be aggressive on the long side. The exception is of course these small microcap pumped names, these ones don’t care what the market’s doing, these move on their own.
  • VLO if you look at this chart pattern, it had a leg up, been kinda surfing the 10day and the 20day is now catching up, looks exactly like Sep/Oct2017, had a leg higher surfing the 10day then it kinda went sideways a little bit so the 20day caught up, flagged then had a breakout and look what it did. This is the kinda stock you can risk $1 to make $20/30 or more, and it’s very liquid, I hope it can go sideways a fmd, I don’t want this thing to break out this week, maybe next week or something would be great. They have great earnings estimates also 93% growth next year, did have declining earnings this year but they’re expected to have their largest ever profitable year, make more money than they made in 2018 when the stock was in the high 120s, so why can’t this thing go back to at least 120s? Had negative growth for the past 3 Qs and now they’re expected to start positive growth again, this is why the group has been strong lately, these cyclical stocks that’s how they do, they have good years, really good years and really bad years, compared to a growth stock that just grows a bit every year.
  • I getting interesting for a mean reversion play potentially for tomos, it’s down 55% in 3sessions, I think there could be a mean reversion coming up, especially if it can get sub 10, like if it closes really weak today and tomos has a gap down or something, that would be an ideal type of setup could easily bounce $2/3 intraday. But we rarely get ideal scenarios.
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