27 [Almost end of earnings season. Nov 12, 2019]

  • ERX started an uptrend off the lows, idk if gonna take another leg lower or if we are consolidating for another up move.
  • I also like refiners, some really good looking setups in here, MPC, VLO, PBF, I think in a couple days I will definitely buy at least one of these when they break higher.
  • FCEL kinda building hls on the 60min, not going away, same group as BLDP and PLUG. FCEL I bought 50kshares starter position, okay I bought another 50kshares, been pretty liquid since the high volume day last week, I may even add more maybe later in the day if the volume holds up and it can put in hls intraday. It is probably gonna go bankrupt but doesn’t mean it can’t run a couple hundred percent before that. Had a couple of tries coming out of this long base before, did flag back in early Jul2019 but failed the flag, and here it popped and failed instantly, now it popped and it’s kinda holding up and building hls, this is what I see, and if it keeps holding these hls why can’t this thing 2/3x from here, thing has no mcap.
  • I love sh*t stocks, sh*t stocks are the ones that make the biggest moves, both up and down. Stocks can make huge moves without any earnings, the best moves in the stock market are stocks that have either no earnings or very small earnings, that’s how the stock market works.
  • SE this thing is insane accelerating rev growth, crazy, I may buy some, been doing sideways for about 6months, maybe later during the day. Just going sideways from the open rn, about to take our 1min orhs, ah missed it, okay got filled on the dip 8kshares. The rev acceleration I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this on a recent ipo, 40%, 60%, 80%, 118%, 127%, 137%, 198%, usually it’s the other way around for 99% of ipos they have huge growth when they come on the market then start going downhill from there, but this is the other way around, I’ve never seen anything like this, pretty amazing. Stopped out that’s unfortunate, $7400 loss. SE are you kidding me, it did hold the lods to the penny, I sold it at the lows ffs, I’ll have to buy it back higher, I’ll set an alert buy a position when it breaks that trend line. SE volume is already above avg, at this rate I think it will trade about 15Mshares today which will be one of the highest volume days ever. It is the third earnings gap up, and the second one did undercut.
  • TNA small cap etf showing strength, you see these hls coming into this breakout, I think it’s a very bullish signal for now.
  • FB is something I do like for a potential longer term entry, even though there is a bunch of controversies around the company lately doesn’t matter, they’re printing money, they’re dominant, I think it’s gonna go way higher, is building kinda hls for the past year and they have huge estimates for next year, expected to grow 52% just insane for a mega cap stock.
  • VKTX breaking this little flag here, if I had a smaller account I would be all over this thing, we are seeing a lot of money coming into the biotech sector lately.
  • BABA yday gapped down and bounced perfectly off this rising 10day and hourly 65ema, same thing with JD perfect bounce, that’s a good healthy sign, means buyers are coming in at that level and they just couldn’t hold the stocks down, that’s a sign of strength when a stock pulls back to support and just immediately goes higher, doesn’t stay down, that’s a very good sign.
  • JCP I would love to buy it over 1.10 but I just don’t have the bp, and I already have a bunch of microcap sh*t stocks.
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