26 [Earnings season almost over! Nov 11, 2019]

  • CNST gapping down, maybe there will be a short here but it’s getting thin, I’m gonna pass on it too thin.
  • SYNA if it can push to low/mid 60s today would be great, that would be a short setup.
  • IBB starting to look good, it’s been flagging for 4years now building hls and starting to come out of this little triangle, looks good. Same thing with XBI, these two are risk on, biotechs are strong and these are risk on.
  • EEM has been going sideways for 12years, this is the mother of all flags, if this things breaks this 45 area it’s gonna go to 100 easily, could easily double from here. These markets they’re in mismanaged countries etc but most of them are pretty fast growing they have young populations, these countries are not going away, they’re gonna go higher, I am very bullish on the emerging markets.
  • KL looks interesting, estimates not great for next year but this is a very tight bullflag, definitely stalking this thing.
  • INMD still building hls on the 60min, I think this thing goes to 50/60 easily just super strong, and it’s not even expensive has a PE27 considering the growth rates it’s pretty damn cheap. It definitely has upside but there’s no setup here. Had a setup in this day [21/10/19] but unfortunately I did pass on.
  • DOCU starting to break out of this little range here, I’m not gonna trade the buy area was here on the ep day when it broke above this range on big volume, great earnings great estimates. It’s trying to break higher now, for shorter term swing traders this thing could be a setup here, risk $1 to make $25, but not for me.
  • PLUG does look bullish, been building hls for almost a year, maybe I’ll buy it later today if it sets up, the volume is definitely good, already over half avg volume in the first 26mins.
  • AGRX had an atm offering Friday and now it’s holding up, could be a long setup here later this week.
  • HUYA definitely looks good, hls for a year now, great estimates last report.
  • I have been a member of a lot of services, some don’t exist anymore, the only one I’m still a member of is Stockbee. But I’ve been in a lot of chat rooms, Kunal, Fous, Investors underground, Access a trader, I did find them useful, it’s about exposing yourself to as many traders as possible and learn from them, and once you’ve learned stuff from them it’s time to move on, you implement the best stuff, take a little bit from everyone and implement those things in your own trading strategy. And since most of those are day traders and I’m not anymore I moved on, but in the early days when I was I found those sites pretty useful. It’s all about seeing what other traders do, how they make money, how they manage risk, how they manage winners, losers, I think for a new trader it’s important to expose yourself to as many successful traders as possible.
  • When I was a daytrader I didn’t manage a portfolio like I do now back then, but now it’s more about portfolio management. First couple years I was pure daytrader, then I started holding stuff overnight, then doing more short term swing trades, now I do almost exclusively swing/position trading. I would rather hang myself than daytrade again, there is no reason to daytrade once you get your first million, I mean if you really like trading and sitting in front of the computers to look at charts and news sure why not, but I’m kinda lazy I don’t wanna sit and trade 6/7hours per day or more including pm and ah. If you have 20k and want to get to 1M daytrading can work really well and also shorter term swingtrading, if you have a small account it’s all about making a lot of trades. But once you get over a million you don’t need to find a lot of good trades, if you can just position yourself really well a couple of times per year that’s all you need.
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