31 [$250K in profits on $KRTX short! 1,257 views. Nov 25, 2019]

  • QD I bought 100kshares yday, I got stopped out of my 50kshares near the open then I rebought 50kshares here when it built hls and then had a range here around 4.31, then added another 50kshares bc it kept building hls and had another range here, I added another 50kshares at 4.35 or so, I sold 20kshares before the close and another 10kshares premarket, I don’t wanna get greedy on it but I think this thing could go to low 5s. Every 10c I’m selling 10kshares. It was almost a perfect setup, you can see it so clearly, the stock was down 45% in 4days, then you had a first green day, it kinda chops around near the open, starts building hls then it has a range, breaks out and just goes. My risk was 10c and already up 60c on it, these kinds of setups they don’t happen too often, especially on the long side, they are more prevalent on the short side.
  • STNE what a beast I wish I’d bought more, a lot of volume came in, and actually a lot of volume came late in the day, you see these volume bars the volume actually accelerated late into the day, usually what happens on earnings stocks they have a lot of volume out of the gate then it keeps declining rest of the day, on this one it was the other way around, I don’t see that happen often, 90% of the time the stocks have their biggest volume the first 30mins then they just decline rest of the day.
  • KRTX I’ll locate some shares, 5kshares not gonna go crazy with size, would be looking for weakness, orls, g/r, this 84 range break, I think this thing has room to low 70s at least and prob even low 60s, maybe not today but over the next couple of days. KRTX I missed it orls 86.50s and even a secondary entry like 86 damn, maybe if it pops back up. KRTX I got filled half 2200shares, gonna use this 87.30s as stop, I’ll prob add more. I’m out, it held the range, now looks like it wants to go higher. KRTX looks like it couldn’t go higher, got rejected off this declining ema perfectly.
  • FCEL bought 150kshares lets see if this can get going. It is flagging, surfing the rising 10day, this thing doubled in a couple of days, could easily double again. My only mistake was I got stopped out on this spike lower below 68c. FCEL I got stopped out of half, I’ll add back if it takes out hods.
  • PLUG stopped in 50kshares, this slippage was me. I think PLUG, BLDP, FCEL, they all have potential to go up 50/100% from these htfs.
  • AMRN looks good on the 60min, looks like MYOV had a big move pulled back, found some rising support and popped up this little range. AMRN looks the same had a big move, pulled back and now it’s been building hls bit of a range, exactly the same pretty much.
  • IWM looks like small caps are about to breakout, if Russell is going higher that means speculation money is coming in. TNA this is a good multi month entry here, risk is $1.50 for a potential $10/15/20 over the next few months prob even more, IWM is just coming out of a 2year range, and you don’t take any individual stock risk.
  • CHK prob gonna go bankrupt but it’s so tight on the 60min, you can buy it and risk like 3c with slippage, at this point why can’t it go up 50%, but ideally this thing goes lower would love to see it below 50c, obv doesn’t have to bounce but I really like the r/r.
  • LK what a beast, almost 45% in a week, this is the power of recent ipos, ipos can make these kinds of moves, this is not a small company and it’s also not a low float. Could actually be a daytrading short tomos, that’s a hard thing when you see a short term short setup in a stock you’re long but you also think it could go higher over the mid term, I’ll start locking in, I’ll sell 1/2 before days end I’m not gonna get greedy on these things, greediness hurt me a bit late summer I gave back several hundred k on profit bc I overheld a bunch of stuff, I’m not gonna make the same mistake, gonna lock in profits while I have them.
  • MTNB I bought 20kshares of this thing, chased a little bit should have bought a couple of cents lower.
  • If you can’t see at least a 1 to 5 potential reward, you prob shouldn’t take the trade, obv it’s hard to know before hand but 1:5 prob a good number. If you wanna daytrade and you’re up 2R you should prob lock in 1/3 or maybe 1/2 and let the rest ride and raise/lower your stops. The way I trade now I got for homeruns, I try to get 20/50R, swingtrading is diff bc you can get these enormous moves over time. It’s not an exact science it’s also a lot about feel, like if you had a losing streak or something and you’re not getting things going you should prob lock in things faster, it’s a feel thing also, and if you feel like everything is going up a lot more after you sell it maybe you should try to hold for longer. But a general rule is you want to be paid for at least 3-4 loser on every good winner.
  • EP scan is inspired from Stockbee, pretty much scan for stocks up 8%+ on high volume, stocks that prob had some earnings or biotech news or whatever.
  • I’m always gonna be long at the top, I will always be long at the top. I don’t anticipate where the top is gonna be, I’d rather sell on the downside when they start violating the MAs, I will always be long at the top.
  • ZGNX acceptance of NDA filing, totally totally totally irrelevant news, but the biotech market is hot and this is why this thing is going up, the market is finding reasons to run up any and every biotech stock. This is what happens when a sector gets hot, they start going ip big on big volume on irrelevant news.
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