269 [Crypto strengthening, everything else is meh. Jan 19, 2021]

  • LAC is relentless, just keeps going straight up, hasn’t even touched the 10day since it started.
  • BTC looks amazing, it’s flagging, next leg higher could go to 60/70k easily. I really hope BTC can go sideways a fmd, let the 50day catch up a little bit, tighten up and then go to 60/70k whatever it wants to go to, 1M, I will be there. GBTC yeah you could anticipate it, only if you think BTC is gonna hold this flag, I’m already long it but I’m gonna triple my position, if it just goes sideways a few more days. BTC is actually pretty strong, starting to break this wedge, it’s going higher now, has been relentlessly building hls, GBTC also you can clearly see these hls here.
  • PLUG looks like it may be failing the gap up so far but it’s still early, looks like it’s starting to reclaim these declining 10/20emas, key area. PLUG just took out orls, was very close to forcing me size down by half. Okay PLUG is strengthening now, covered most here while I still have a profit. Man this PLUG is not gonna give us an easy trade, I hate this stock, bc it’s strong super strong, the strongest stocks they stop above the MAs. PLUG looks like it’s gearing for another pop to the upside.
  • TSLA stopped out, on the 60min it put in another hl, this thing is actually flagging, it’s a bull flag no doubt about it, tried to break down on Friday but it reclaimed, so maybe tomos gonna buy this thing if it keeps up, really want this thing to go to 1200 would be so epic. Actually maybe I’ll reshort some if it takes out lods, bc if it fails here it fails the declining 20ema and 10ema. If it takes out lods today I’m gonna reshort, bc if it takes out the lows it would fall back below the 10/20emas again. TSLA is now below the declining 20ema again on the 60min, I reshorted about 90% of what I had before over the weekend, but I’m not gonna add any more unless it starts losing the 10day, bc it’s still kinda building hls, it’s in the middle of a range, it’s easy to get chopped up in the middle of a range like that.
  • ROKU, why didn’t we buy this breakout [19/11/2020] that was a 5*.
  • GME, funny thing is I was actually thinking about tucking some away in ib like 5months ago [3/8/2020] I read somewhere that 98% of the float is short, that’s the day I was thinking about buying it, since then it’s only up over 1000%, surfing the 20/50day. Now this is a real short squeeze, at this point it’s just a squeeze nothing else going on, I mean look at this thing, GME is back at levels to where it was in 2007, this stock has nothing going for it, they’re gonna be bankrupt in 5years prob less, there’s no reason for this thing to be up, it’s worst business model ever, they got so disrupted it’s not even funny, but short term this thing could go higher.
  • LAZR, I wouldn’t short these things, it’s a spac, it’s one of these ev related stocks I think, it can work but it has one good pr it’s gonna be up 50% premarket, it’s not that good of a setup, it had a good setup here when it was overextended [8/12/2020], now this could very easily just chop around, I would avoid.
  • ACRS it’s an ep today, it’s not up 164% bc it had a good setup on Friday, it’s up bc it had some kinda news.
  • A pullback would be nice, I want new low risk entries, I want multi month bases to buy off of, the biggest moves come from bases. Just look at something like TSLA, went sideways for a month look at the move it made, again sideways for a month look at the move it made, went sideways for 2-3months, look at the move it made. That’s where you get the big moves, not when you have like a stock that’s been going sideways for 3days and it’s just randomly breaking out, something like DDD or GME, sometimes these smaller types of stocks can make big moves from very small bases, but that’s not really what I’m looking for. I’m looking for these lcap and mcap stocks, and if you get multi-month bases, that’s where the big money is made.
  • AMZN it’s in a big big flag, either way it breaks it’s prob gonna make a 1000 point move. Thing is it hasn’t been able to rally in the last market rally, it hasn’t participated at all in the rally since early Nov2020, that doesn’t mean anything it could pick up later, but if the market starts rolling over this thing will roll over too pretty hard.
  • SI it’s a htf, if BTC breaks out this thing is gonna go to 100, I am watching it, bit thin but I’ll do some in my ib account.
  • QS yeah it’s about to lose the 50day now, not really liking the look on it, it needs to hold the 50day, if it undercuts and reclaims then idk, I would love to see an undercut.
  • XPEV, so it broke out, pulled back to the rising 10/50day at the same price, and now it’s going higher.
  • Now ETHE fading but ETH is really strong, ETH just broke out and it’s holding the breakout. It’s not market correlated. Idk why, GBTC tracks BTC really well but ETHE does not track ETH very well. Eg you can see ETHE made a big move from early Oct2020 to late Dec2020, and that makes sense ETH made a big move from early Oct2020 but just before the big move in ETH, ETHE topped and idk why like what is it tracking? I thought this thing tracked ETH but it’s not really tracking it. Now I can’t get out, I bought a few too many. ETH is at aths yeah, just surpassed Jan2018 peak. ETHE I guess I’m back long, it better not stop me out again.
  • FVRR would have been a nice short on Friday damn, orls, for you guys with smaller accounts these types of trades can work out really well.
  • IZEA, I would trail it with the 10day, I guess you bought this breakout here [8/1/2021] should have sold a third to half day 3-5 then just trail the rest with the 10day.
  • TARS, I liked on 6/1/2021, yeah it looked great but didn’t really have any follow through, but it’s an even better setup now, it’s a 5* setup, really good looking setup.
  • CELH now more than a double from where I bought it initially orhs 28.50s, up 140% since. Guys you need to learn these setups, ep, breakouts, so much money to be made in these. Look at BILI another ep, this one too more than a double, up 150% from initial entry. Selling them too early that’s a good problem to have.
  • ONEM yeah it’s a good setup, but way too late to buy now, you wanna get in as early as possible, like when was it obvious it was a breakout? Orhs was 43.50s or so, idk if it was obvious it was a breakout then but by 44, low 44s it was pretty obvious it was a breakout so your entry should be no higher than low/mid 44s.
  • BNGO, this is day 3, this is a good short setup, it had a big move higher, pulled back went sideways, another move higher, two days higher and today is day three, it gapped up, couldn’t rally, it’s been building lhs and it’s losing vwap, that was the entry when it lost vwap, it’s a good r/r setup, risk like 50c to make $3, good r/r.


  • Let’s look at other trading streams, look at that I’m the biggest fish in this category, look at that. Hey guys should we start trolling other channels?
  • When summer arrives, I really want a Brokini guys, guy saying. Bc I’m gonna be on my boat a lot, and I want one of these, just saying, just putting it out there.
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