267 [Heavily long on margin and everything going up up up. Jan 14, 2021]

  • PLUG having a big gap down, only have half overnight size, got stopped out for obvious reasons then reshorted late day, looking to add. So PLUG is only thing I’ll watch out of the gate, ideally we get a rally, then I will look for the first red 5min candle, or some combination of vwap fail, lhs, stuff like that, for an add, I wanna double my position. Please bounce here, do not take out the lows of this first candle, okay good it’s bouncing, I would love to see this thing bounce back to the high 60s, 68/69s that would be very good. Okay PLUG looks like it’s continuing is fade here. Looks like it’s right on the vwap, so let’s see if it can hold here, it did put in a hl compared to yesterday. Alright if it loses the 20ema on the 60min, this mid 63 area, this thing has no support until low 50s. Now I’m pretty much full size, yesterday I had 150kshares, today I have 145kshares, so would be nice if it goes sub 60 today. I think I’m gonna get stopped out from the adds I made today, but maybe not we’ll see if it can get rejected on this declining 10ma on the 60min, I may get a lh intraday. Ok just got stopped out of intraday adds on PLUG. It is strong, there is still bullish call buying in this thing, but like why can’t we get a pullback to the 10day? Look where it found support, the rising 20ema.
  • How did I get back in PLUG? I’m gonna show you, so yesterday as you know I shorted orls and then on the vwap fail, then I covered half when it reclaimed vwap and took out this intraday lower high, when this lh wasn’t the lh anymore I covered half, then I covered half hods. And then it just kinda kept grinding higher, had some random high volume candle here, but then later in the da y it kinda started building lhs and had this range, this little triangle here with lhs and hls, and once it broke this trend line that’s where I reshorted half size, bc it was such a good r/r, I could risk less than a dollar, and the reason I didn’t short more is bc it was so late in the day, literally like 30mins before close and I didn’t wanna do any crazy trades that late in the day.
  • RIOT MARA could be setups, have to check on BTC. Yeah so BTC undercut the 20day, retested it, and now it’s straight up since, very good price action, I wish I was still long RIOT and MARA. RIOT bought some orhs. GBTC bought some orhs. Stopped out GBTC small loss, was a good r/r here, less than a dollar, but still have core from way back. Okay looks like I got back into GBTC again orhs.
  • I only trade 3 setups, that’s it. Just bc a random stock had a random move doesn’t mean I’m interested, I’m interested in the setups that I trade.
  • CCIV, so I had 200kshares of this thing yesterday orhs, stopped me out, and now it went to 19 in premarket, I’m doing the math and I don’t like it. I took it off the watchlist, but that’s what happens, you gotta take those losses. Oh wow what a reversal, and the volume in this thing is just incredible, and it’s just on rumours right, they haven’t confirmed they’re gonna merge with Lucid Motors, that’s the market we are in rn, insane speculation, there’s so much money wanting to get in rn, they’re literally willing to buy anything, anything is a reason to buy as long as it’s remotely sexy, pretty incredible.
  • All the cruiselines and airlines are triggering, look really really really good. MESA yeah good setup, all the airlines are looking good but this had a bit higher ADR, I think it’s a SA name or something, but yeah very good setup.
  • JOE is like a 3.5* setup, I would have preferred a bit more tightness yesterday. It’s pretty illiquid but if you have a small account it’s fine.
  • The thing is what happens is since there’s continually new setups every day, I just rotate the money I lock up into new positions, so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything, but the thing is it would still be better if I could just hold these positions that go straight up, bc I would be trading less. So it’s not like it’s hurting me in anyway I don’t think it is, other than that I’m just doing more trades than I would have. Entries are so easy, entries are the easiest thing in the world, but exits, rn it’s my biggest weakness. My biggest weakness used to be shorting momo stocks frontside and trying to hit the top on them, it took me many years but I’ve gotten rid of that habit, it’s not an issue anymore, I’m very good at identifying the solid r/r opportunities, like how I traded LAZR, MRNA, PLUG, a few others, I’m getting very good at it. But my biggest weakness rn is just not following my own sell rules on these stocks that go straight up, that’s really my biggest weakness, it’s a work in progress.
  • DNMR long gone now but it was s decent setup orhs, maybe a 4* idk, but it was a good setup, and high ADR too 12.6% that’s good, you want to be in fast stocks, fast stocks are good.
  • EH yeah it’s getting there, if it can close strong today and gap up tomos it’s gonna be a 5* setup, but yeah it’s way too thin.
  • ANTE yeah it’s a good setup, could be a 5star, maybe a 4star, and it’s the right sector too, blockchain, just bc it’s one of the strongest sectors I would say it’s 5star.
  • MGNI was a tricky one, it did kinda have a setup here [18/12/2020], if it had closed stronger on this day here [17/12/2020] it would have been a setup, but it didn’t.
  • We wait for a setup okay, without a setup you’re not gonna make it, we trade setups here, we don’t randomly do things. Setups, setups, setups, if I see a setup late I’m gonna reshort, if I don’t I’m not gonna touch it. I’m not gonna randomly short it, we trade setups we want an edge. The worst thing that can happen is if you do some random stuff and then it works out, that’s what happens to a lot of new traders, they start doing random stuff and it works and then they think they can trade, and then they start leveraging up and it usually doesn’t end well.


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