266 [Throw a dart and you will make money in this market. Jan 13, 2021]

  • PLUG is gonna be a juicy juicy one eventually, but is today gonna be the day, idk, but that is my main watch, high priced, etb, perfect. If it pulls back to the 10day that’s a 35% move right there, to the 20day we’re talking a 45% move, so this thing could make a big big move potentially, but we don’t know how much higher it’s gonna go first, could go to 80 today, have no idea, all about waiting for the good setup. Holy sh*t I didn’t even see it take out orls, that’s annoying. PLUG is right on the vwap rn. At the vwap again, so if it reclaims vwap and takes out this lh it made, I’m gonna cover half,, and the other half I’m gonna cover if it takes out hods. And if it can tighten up a little bit more I may add some more, I only have half size so far 150kshares. I hope PLUG goes sideways for a bit and then starts fading. For me this is a swing trade, I don’t think this thing has any support until it gets to the 10day, not gonna get there today, and maybe not even this week, and it may just go sideways until the 10day catches up, it doesn’t have to go down, but I do think it has decent downside, I think easily another 10/20% maybe even 30% downside. So I’m gonna use my stop levels, and if it rejects off vwap again I may add more, but only for the intraday trade, I already have full overnight size, not gonna do more than the shares I have overnight.
  • PLUG, for people commenting the size I’m trading, this thing is a 5 star setup, it’s a 5 star setup, I’m going heavy on this thing, if I get one more good add spot I’m gonna double my size, I have conviction on this thing, next stop could be the 10day. It reminds me of MRNA, didn’t even go down as much as I thought it would, but this one too I had enormous size. I’m gonna tell you guy’s something MRNA when I shorted it on this day here [1/12/2020] my risk on the trade was like 1M, bc I took a loss at first, then I got back in again, so my total loss if I would have gotten stopped out of all the adds later I would have taken like a 1M loss on it. But you know when you see a 5* setup, you gotta take bigger risk, you can’t do normal size, you need a bigger risk. Bc if you’re say normally risking 0.5% on a trade or 0.25% like I usually do, when you see something really high conviction you gotta do more size, you gotta do like 1/1.5/2% if you have the balls, I usually don’t have it nowadays unfortunately, bc I’m getting more and more conservative bc I don’t really need the big risks anymore, but when I had a smaller account I could really go, I had bigger balls back in the day.
  • FCEL, BLDP they’re all the same, PLUG is the best one so stick to that one, that’s the 5 star setup, BLSP and FCEL are like 3 star, they’re not as extended, PLUG is the leader, where plug goes the others go.
  • FUBO I wish I’d added another 100kshares when it broke out late day, was such a perfect intraday setup, such a perfect setup, had been building hls and had this tight tight range, like midday it broke out, should have added another 100kshares, shoulda coulda woulda. But it’s a nice mover, it’s up almost 20% from trigger.
  • PLTR needs a few more days, looks like it’s gapping down today, if it can go sideways a few more days it will be a really good 5* setup.
  • BILI is still holding an uptrend, there is no short here yet. It undercut the 20ema again and reclaimed. The only way I would short it is if it takes out lods, if it fails at holding the 20ema, but for now it’s still holding it, it can’t hold below it.
  • TSLA so far building lhs on the 60min, but I think it needs to lose this 20ema, not gonna touch it until then. If it holds the 20ema, building this range here and breaks out of it, I’m gonna go long again. TSLA if it loses the 20ema, I think I’m gonna do this one to the short side too, bc it is building lhs on the 60min, and if it loses the 20ema, that would confirm downside, but we’ll see, I really wanted this thing higher but it may just chop around for a few days or weeks and then go higher to 1200 or so, but this is nothing I’m gonna do big size on, I’m gonna do like 1/2 size or something. I did half size rn, let’s see what happens, if it reclaims I’m stopping out, it’s a very tight stop. That’s all trading is, you look for these areas on stocks that make big moves. Ok this is very good on TSLA, it undercut and now it’s trying to reclaim, and it’s building another hl compared to yesterday, so far it’s bullish price action, even though the stock is down on the day.
  • NMDM, damn should have bought this I guess, it’s gonna go straight to 20, also had a 5* intraday breakout, pretty liquid too.
  • ABNB, wow this is what an IPO breakout can do, and this is a mcap stock, actually it’s about 15% but quite a big move for such a large company I guess.
  • VUZI yeah good setup, beautiful, look how tight it is on the 60min, hls, this is a 5* setup, and the 20day look what happened, as soon as the 20day caught up this thing is breaking out, really beautiful.
  • VOXX, it was a good ep, very good looking technicals fundamentals, everything was there, well like relative volume, but there was one big volume why do you think I didn’t buy it? Liquidity, this is a microcap stock, it’s hard to buy more than a few thousand shares of this thing. If you have a small account no problem I liked it yesterday, insane earnings beat, technicals looked good, that’s what a good ep looks like, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing goes to 30/40 before the next earnings report.
  • MARA is taking out orls. I really hope for a washout to the 50day on BTC, it’s kinda flagging on the 60min, you don’t know if it’s gonna resolve to the upside or downside yet, it’s kinda building a triangle on the 60min, but ideally if this thing can have one more leg down, bounce off the 50day, I’m gonna load up on GBTC again, I only have like 1/3 size left GBTC but I’m gonna load up on it.
  • TGTX, this is actually a really good setup, it’s pretty much a 4/5* setup.
  • You can’t set a fixed % stop on stuff bc these things all have diff ADRs, you have to look at the chart, where is the logical exit. I don’t believe in these fixed % stops, doesn’t make any sense, bc diff stocks have diff volatility.
  • JOE setup really good, 4 star maybe even 5 star, really really good. It also had a really good setup here [4/12/2020].
  • CCIV I got stopped out of it, I did some orhs on this but I got stopped out, it’s a hot sector and just look at the volume on this thing, this is crazy town right here, it’s had like 200M share days after they announced they’re gonna merge with Lucid Motors, so I bought this little flag break on the 60min. Ah never mind I didn’t realise the float was this high, it hasn’t even traded the float the past few days, there goes my thesis, I thought it was like a 50M float or something, ok never mind it was a mistake I shouldn’t have bought it.
  • Omg guys remember my positions indicator what happens every time I hit 30 positions, usually there is a market pullback, soon after I reach 30 positions in my portfolio, just saying, every single time I get to 30 positions the market pulls back. No this time? Yeah this time is different. Well actually if I just keep it at 29, then we could keep the market from fading.
  • So someone payed $299 to Carol Baskin on cameo to pump ZOM, and then the stock went up like 400%
  • No millennials and Gen Z have seen a market like this before, but boomers have, boomers have seen this before.

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