264 [Healthy crypto pullback setting the stage for more upside! Jan 11, 2021]

  • All the good ones gapping down, what a disaster, they’re not 5* setups anymore that’s for sure. RIOT, MARA, PLUG, BILI, if they’d just gapped up would have been 5.5* setups. So I just don’t see anything out of the gate, you gotta wait for your edge and my edge just got destroyed in premarket.
  • I did one thing that was selling RIOT before the close Friday, it gets to a point where the fear of giving back profits gets bigger than the fear of missing out, so that was at least something I can be happy about.
  • FUBO looks like it’s bearflagging rn, if it loses the 50day goes back to the teens, this thing is building lhs, yeah if it loses the 50day this thing is gonna be toast. So it held 50day for now, build another hl, it’s gonna an interesting play in a few days, if it can tighten up a bit.
  • MSTR short is gapping down big, cover up some here. MSTR rallied into resistance area, so I’m gonna look for a point to double my position on it.
  • TSLA starting to fade, if it loses this rising 10ema I’m gonna sell my long and maybe even switch to short. Went pretty heavily short on TSLA, pretty tight $12 stop, it is kinda finding support above the rising 20ema for now but it is straight up so a pullback to the 20day wouldn’t be out of the question. I’m gonna go for a big move in this thing, I don’t care about $10/20, I think this thing could legitimately pullback to 700/600, like if it pulls back to 600 it’s where it was like a month ago, could very easily do that. Okay right on the 20ema, if it’s gonna bounce it has to do it here, has been surfing the 20ema for a couple of weeks now, if it doesn’t hold here it’s gonna go straight to the 65ema. So TSLA is bouncing off the 20ema, that is so far a sign of strength, it’s a key area for it, so question is can it hold above it or is it gonna built lhs and then fade? Okay TSLA looks like it may stop me out, held that important area. Okay stopped out of TSLA for a nice loss, also reclaiming the 10ema which means it’s still frontside. As long as TSLA is holding up I think the speculation money keeps coming. But if it fails here at the 10ema and starts building lhs and then breaks a range to the downside later in the day, I’ll reshort. TSLA held vwap so far, but if it loses vwap gonna start getting short again, bc for now it’s been building lhs, so if it builds another lh, loses vwap, I’m gonna reshort. Okay TSLA shorted the crap out of it again, so it did get rejected at the declining 10ema, so it is backside still, and it’s been building lhs since, so yeah gotta retry.
  • NIO, still long, oh it reversed, I’m gonna sell more bc it is getting overextended, trailing with the 10day.
  • Most of these big gap downs are bouncing for now, but I am slowly working into MARA, rallied and then got rejected here. MARA shorted 100kshares so far, willing to add another 100kshares if it starts failing later. RIOT is not as extended as MARA, MARA is still 30% just to get to the 10day, RIOT is only 17% to the 10day, so MARA is more extended that’s why I’m doing MARA, it’s also twice as liquid.
  • NVDA is a really clean breakout, breaking out on news, it’s a very slow stock but I just did it anyway bc I have like $9 stop and this thing if it goes could go up $100/200 very easily.
  • SOLO bought some breaking out.
  • BILI struggling at vwap. BILI losing vwap again, just had to stop me out, took out hods. Gap downs are the worst, so hard to trade, just shake you out then they go down. Let’s see how they hold vwap again.
  • CROX yeah had blowout guidance today, it’s a potential ep, would have been better if it hadn’t been straight up for many months, really really good guidance. Let’s do some deep fundamental research, they’re diversified. Okay CROX is a buy, every stock I do dfr on shortly doubles.
  • GBTC will size down a little bit, it’s taking out lods and looks like it’s prob gonna close below the 10day, hard to know but yeah, but using the 20day as trailing stop for it.


  • Guys I almost died yesterday, I went on a walk just before midnight, I usually do go on a walk in the evenings, and I fell, it was slippery, was a little hill and I fell on my back really bad, and I couldn’t breathe for like 20seconds, I couldn’t get any air, was crazy, I thought I was gonna die. So I was just on the ground and I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t even get up, it took me like prob 30secs before I could sit. So you almost lost your great leader yesterday. Yeah it was slippery, I was looking at my phone, I was changing the track on Spotify, it’s Spotify’s fault I’m gonna sue them.
  • You’re just looking for excuses to trade stuff, focus on really good setups.
  • Dude, I love leg days.


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