24 [Great earnings breakouts. Nov 7, 2019]

  • Today was the busiest earnings day of the entire earnings season. GDDY had some pretty good earnings and really good estimates, the weekly chart is also looking good even though the daily is a mess. PAAS silver stocks also good estimates for next year. BL a little software stock, good earnings good estimates and a good looking chart but too thin for me. AG gold stock with good estimates for next year.
  • DXCM probably one I will trade, looks great, just broke out of a year+ long range, building hls for a long time. DXCM is one of the fastest growing stocks in the market rn, I bought some, crazy spreads. Damn I should have chased it, only got filled on 1000shares, wanted 2500shares. DXCM already at avg volume [9:39am]. Okay I’m in fullsize, it’s already traded almost 2x avg volume which is exactly what you wanna see.
  • IIPR I didn’t realise how cheap this thing is considering the growth, growing revenues at almost 200%, eps over 100%, esp estimated to grow 73% next year and trading at a PE33, that is pretty damn cheap, not that I care about valuations much. I think this could be a great longer term entry for those who won’t want to watch the markets every day.
  • CHK watching in case it can do down to 50c or something, could be a nice little bounce play. I noticed some stocks that are beaten down and about to go bankrupt, then they announce they’re hiring a restructuring firm, like MNK a couple of months back bounced 170% in a few days and that was the low. Same thing happened to CNK a few years back, was beaten down to years, had a big gap down, and then that was pretty much the low then it bounced over 300% in the next few months. That could be a tool to have in one’s toolbox, kinda interesting phenomenon.
  • XNET had a big spike yday, I bought my position in mid 6s, then it spiked soon after all the way to 7.20, I didn’t get to sell any, if I had seen this spike I would probably have sold 10/15% but it was too quick, but it’s still holding hls and I still think this thing could go to $10. XNET looks great on the 60min, needs to re break this 6.85 and build some more hls potentially. Just going sideways but there is another buy area here mid 6.80s if it wants to break out later.
  • AGRX yday, I covered way too early in the 2.80/2.70s and I was all covered in the 2.10s, it went all the way down to 1.93, just an amazing fade 35% from the highs, I did underestimate that thing. I thought it would go red then eventually go below 2 in the next few sessions, I didn’t exactly expect sub 2 in one session, but that’s what happens when a stock is up from 37c to $3. It was pretty much a perfect setup, 5*, now if this thing had been a liquid higher priced stock I would have been in 3/4x as much size, but I don’t really like shorting low priced stocks, just bc of mathematics, they can very easily double even if they have already doubled and doubled again.
  • BNGO I can’t believe the volume, I just bought some with a tight stop, just bc of the volume. Okay I bought even more, I have 100kshares of this thing, gonna use a tight stop, either it goes or it doesn’t. Not my traditional setup to buy something up almost 60% on the day but with this volume, I can’t believe it. I just sold about 10% at +10c. I mean look at the 60min volume already traded almost 20M shares, just some crazy sh*t. Let’s see if it can hold vwap, I fully expect this thing to dip back below 1.40 but hopefully it can hold vwap put in a hl and then have another leg higher. BNGO weakening a little bit, stopped out of half, and the other half also, looks like it’s gonna fade back.
  • TSLA is strong, I can’t believe I was shorting it here, I missed the long setup on the first day when it broke out of this channel on hls.
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