231 [Markets near highs but stocks are so so. Nov 18, 2020]

  • IGV bought fullsize yesterday now 10kshares, gapping up a little bit, but gonna ditch this one once I start seeing more good stocks setup, bc it’s a very slow mover 2.3% ADR, if I need bp just gonna sell it.
  • COUP bought some of this yesterday, was a sneaky breakout, but it’s kinda starting to break out of this 4/5month range.
  • BA, if this thing can hold up today, maybe gonna be a short setup tomos, this thing is up almost 60% in a couple of weeks. Damn missed this, wanted one more up day, orls was the entry, and see how it got rejected on the vwap all the way.
  • NIO gapping down on earnings report, added a tiny bit premarket and also lowered stop to yesterday’s highs. Stopped me out of adds, now it looks like it’s fading again. Added some back with a tight stop. NIO is building hls on the 5min, undercut the 10day, I mean this thing just can’t get below the 10day, it’s amazing, unbelievably strong stock. prob gonna get stopped out of my add again.
  • FUTU, I bought it right here [5/11/2020] low/mid 32s, just as it started breaking out of this multi month flag. Had a big leg higher, then it had an orderly pullback to the 100day, bounced, pulled back again to the 100day, built hls, then it had a tight range here then it broke out. That’s a 5* chart, and now it’s straight up. I sold about 1/3 so far it’s like a 40% move.
  • GRWG I took the entry here orhs on the earnings day [12/11/2020], it had a breakout which failed, pulled back to undercut the 20day, then it reported earnings and kinda reclaimed the trend.
  • LI, shorted some also orls, just in case it goes.
  • TSLA bought some, it pulled back yesterday found some support on the rising emas, this is kind of a sneaky entry, now this 430 area is acting as support after acting as resistance for the past month, we’ll see. If you look at the 60min, it’s been in this range 400-450, yesterday gapped up faded, found support on the rising 10ema, and today it’s kinda breaking out of this range. It’s a sneaky setup, not obvious, but if it starts breaking this 462 area in a few days gonna add more.
  • ARRY looks great, it’s just too thin. Bought a tiny position in ib.


  • Stop it stop liking it. And now someone else liked it. You f*ckers, I hate you, I hate every single one of you. You love me? Okay guys I love you, just not rn.
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