230 [I think growth stocks will start breaking out soon en masse! Nov 17, 2020]

  • TSLA, I bought 10kshares premarket, too bad we got this big gap up, but it’s not above this range here 450/460 range, maybe this leg up is gonna be 600. Have a tight stop, premarket retracement is my stop. And may add orhs too. TSLA on the weekly, this thing looks like it’s gonna go to 6/700. Putting in buy stops, I’m gonna buy 14kshares if it triggers. Oh okay, it built another lh from premarket action, pos. So far it’s a nice volume stick, gonna be highest vol in a couple months prob. It’s fading the gap, the setup itself, maybe needs a few days, if it pulls back a little bit then builds a range and starts breaking out of a range, I’ll rebuy it, but it may want to pullback to the 10/20ema on the 60min and maybe find support there. So now I wanna see a range develop on the 60min on TSLA, hopefully we get it in the next couple of sessions.
  • GBTC, this has been a homerun trade so far, and I’m up 60% on it, I’d like this thing to go sideways for a few weeks to get an add spot.
  • SE stopped out premarket then right back. I rebought smaller size than what I had, I really hate when stocks do this, why did it have to go to sub 170 premarket and now it’s back to mid 180s, man. And now it’s prob gonna stop me out and f*ck me twice. Guys I’m telling you success in trading is all about how you can handle being f*cked. If you can’t handle being f*cked sometimes twice or three times, you’re not gonna make it. Pretty much you’re gonna get f*cked and you have to act like it didn’t happen, you can’t blame anyone.
  • ROKU wants to take out hods again, it is a good setup, it’s been going sideways for about a month.
  • SQ now taking out hods, but that’s one of very few stocks breaking out. Setup looks decent but probably gonna fail, the best breakouts are when a lot of stocks are breaking now, not when just a couple are breaking out. Okay bought 20kshares.
  • KIRK, yeah looks like a decent setup, building hls above the 50day, reminds me of the setup here [1/10/2020], I think it looks pretty decent but is it gonna follow through in this market? That I do not know.
  • When you get these setups, like htf on the 60min, they kinda need to go immediately, like XPEV which unfortunately stopped me out, dipped intraday after I bought it, but then it just went straight up. This is what I was looking at on UBER too, these types of setup, they need to go immediately.
  • TAN, Solars are still building htfs, long 20kshares TAN from yesterday, and if it starts breaking out over this 75 area, gonna add more. This is a 5* htf, I wish it was liquid, I’d want to own like 50kshares of this thing.
  • Right out of my ass is where I got the price target. My ass is pure gold? Idk about that. Na but 30%, that would be reasonable for a lcap breaking out of a htf. Some of you prob think I’m basing my price targets on something scientific, doing some measured moves or something, I’m not. There’s no reason to, they’re useless, most stocks are either gonna go much much higher than any price target, or they’re not gonna get there at all. It’s all about getting the direction right at the right time on the right stock. Price targets are totally useless, can’t make you any money.
  • GRWG, I bought it on earnings, it was a little bit of an alternate setup, but I bought it on orhs. It pulled back to the rising 20day right before earnings, then on earnings it kinda gapped up a little bit, built orhs then brokeout on above avg vol. Outperforming the other cannabis stocks, bc it has big big rev growth.
  • RIOT and MARA, prob gonna use the 10day as stop for now, bc these are microcap momo stocks, and if they go nuts like 3/4/500% in a short amount of time then I’m just gonna sell into strength, and maybe use the 10/20ema on the 60min if they start going really nuts like they did in Jul2020, bc the 10/20day are too slow for microcap momo stocks.
  • IGV looks insane, prob gonna take a starter on it, with a side stop, gonna use yesterday’s lows. I think IGV could go to 400 before year end, it’s a slow etf. Bought 5kshares starter.


  • If you can survive this market, next time we get a bullrun you’re gonna 2/3/4x your accounts, it’s all about surviving the bad markets.
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