229 [Juicy long setups are developing! Nov 16, 2020]

  • Airlines cruiselines all up again, but again I don’t believe in the airlines/cruiselines theme, I don’t think these things can go much higher, they’re so bloated, they’re diluted a lot and their mcaps are not much smaller than they were earlier this year.
  • UBER had an ep last monday, look at how tightly, it first sold off a little bit, found support, then Wed broke out of this tight tight range that was also the highs of Mon, I wish I was awake, and also it broke out of a year long range. UBER and LYFT are intriguing, kinda breaking htfs. Bought 100kshares UBER orhs.
  • XPEV, covered, locked in a nice 2/300k.
  • NIO added short right here, 45.55 or so and covered those adds into flush, so still have those 80kshares from mid 52s, I think this thing could go down to 35/30, they have earnings ah but I have a lot of profit cushion so not really worried in case it gaps up 20/25/30%, I think that’s gonna be another nice short opp. Too bad NIO is gapping down, like 10% or so, I would have preferred a gap up, for a good short opp, this now maybe orls or something we’ll see.
  • MRNA shorted some orls, 30kshares. Took out lods, doing exactly what BNTX and PFE did when they reported their data, and MRNA had a big run into this.
  • RKT, kinda breaking out of a bottom type flag, looks okay, I’m gonna pass on it but looks fairly decent, had earnings a couple week ago, good earnings good numbers, and it’s a recent ipo.
  • CBAT was a short setup, I didn’t pay attention I was hoping for more, was hoping for double digits, but yeah orls, or the vwap fail, two entries, but it wasn’t tight, wasn’t a great setup.
  • BLDP going now, bought 30kshares. Doesn’t look much on the daily, but on the weekly this thing looks great, big flag, been building hls since like Jun2020 and it has a rangebreak just trying to break out, and it’s a hot sector, PLUG has been going nuts straight up for a while now.
  • TSLA it closed strong on Fri, if it had closed weak I’d have held it over the weekend, but it closed strong, built a wick [13/11/2020] just like it did on this day here [10/11/2020] and this day here [30/10/2020], I don’t like to hold losing positions. It’s getting so tight here, it’s building four tight range days in a row now, if it can breakout over this 423 area. It’s building hls but also lhs.
  • JKS, is setting up but they have earnings tomos, if it can go sideways today and tomos and then breakout on earnings. that’s something I’d trade, this is a very high momo stock.
  • BILI had a breakout, this was kinda an inside of the base breakout, I hate when they breakout before the earnings, I hate it so much, this is such a good looking base, going sideways for like 6months with hls.
  • TCS looks good, really nice looking flag, ultra thin but very good.
  • Bought a little bit more TQQQ, added to Friday’s buys, so have 30kshares.
  • TAN, am tempted buying this, not really breaking out yet but maybe do half size, next leg higher it’s gonna go to 100, I see Solar stock after Solar stock breaking out, [bought some].


  • If I had a dollar for every time I had to tell people to follow the instructions on the screen I would be up another million.
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