228 [China EV crash! $NIO $LI $XPEV. Nov 13, 2020]

  • XPEV should have been a 500k trade but it had to do this bs yesterday where it took out lods by a few pennies, why didn’t I rebuy it? I had it, I said it’s a htf on the 60min and these types of ultra momo stocks these can really go, and look at what it did, up 35% on earnings numbers.
  • FTCH, if this thing didn’t have the run up into earnings, this thing is up 70% in the past two weeks, this would be a buyable earnings trade coming off a solid base, but now it’s gambling if you would buy orhs today.
  • TSLA I did a starter, it is showing rw, the QQQs have been rallying, TSLA couldn’t rally, the EVs have been going nuts, TSLA can’t rally. It’s now showing rw, both compared to the overall market and to its own overall sector. So not really super bullish on TSLA rn, unless the chart shapes up. Ok got stopped out starter, the thing is why I keep trying TSLA both long and short, this thing is the biggest momo stock out there, it’s a megacap momo stock, you rarely see those, and either way it breaks, it’s gonna make a 30/40% move either direction, so this is why I keep trying it with these starters, risk $2/3/4/5 on it bc once we get the move we’re gonna get a $100/200 move so those small losses will take care of themselves. And it’s getting tighter, the overall pattern, and also the daily range has been getting really tight the past few sessions. Got back in lods since this thing just cannot rally, this 410 has been a big area for it and now it’s breaking below that.
  • SLV, I’m gonna go heavy on this mfer, bc now it’s actually holding above the 50day, tried to dip. I bought 200kshares, didn’t move the price a single penny, idk why it’s so thick. Yeah it’s very slow but the stock is super tight, my stop is like 0.3%, and if this thing goes it could make a big move, could easily go up 20/30%, last time it broke out went up 40/50%, so even if the ADR is slow this thing can make big moves. Just stopped out, absolutely no slippage.
  • DNLI, is long gone, the entry was orls, high 70s, and there was a potential add spot when it took out 5min lows at 70 or so. And if you’re daytrading it you should prob be covering a big chunk around here, if you’re a swingtrader prob cover some, this thing could probably go back to the 10day. This is a 5* setup, this is how I made my first M, these extended stocks up 3/4/5days in a row, then they reverse.
  • U is going sh*t I hestitated on it too long, it was such a wide candle from lods.
  • NIO rejected off vwap here, shorted 80kshares. NIO built another lh intraday, lets see if it can fail at vwap again. You don’t have to catch the top, if this thing is gonna go back to 20/30 whatever, I think the first stop is gonna be the rising 20day, secondary the 50day, there’s gonna be so much room on the backside to short it, you don’t have to go all in a single day. This thing is so extended, up 2200% from the march lows, and it’s a lcap almost 50B mcap, I’m gonna go for a homerun on this thing.
  • LI, should have done some also, I hesitated. The shorting game is so tough, you have to be so quick and so precise with your entries. Should have shorted when it started breaking down here, low 38s.
  • I don’t really look at percentages that closely but anytime you have something up 100/200% in a short amount of time, that’s when you start paying attention. Also has to do with mcap and stuff like that, like a lcap stocks like LI and XPEV, the percentage move doesn’t have to be as big, vs something like a microcap like APVO, this thing was up 800%, you start shorting something like this up 200% your trading career is gonna be over really quick, but if it’s a lcap stock 200% is an enormous move in a few days/weeks, larger float larger market cap harder it is to extend.
  • XPEV, shorted some too, it’s kinda stronger than the others I don’t like it, don’t know why I did it. Okay covering some more XPEV here, covered 10k out of 40shares now. Whaat, covered another 10kshares.
  • NVDA reporting this week, I hope it gaps up above this 550 range on earnings, then maybe goes to around 7/800, it’s flagging really nicely, been building hls for about 3months, getting tighter and tighter. It’s like JD when it broke out of earnings here this was a 5* setup I wish I’d done more size. When you get these base breakouts on earnings, that don’t gap up 15/20/30% but they only gap up like 5/10%, those are so good.


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