227 [China stocks hot! Nov 12, 2020]

  • PDD, great earnings, it’s now almost a double in a past 6weeks or so, it’s a tough one, high probability of a pullback, idk, if I can get a really tight orhs, maybe I’ll do some nothing crazy. 800k first min vol, and avg vol is about 8M, so almost 10% avg daily vol in the first min, so vol so far is pretty good, price action not as good.
  • FSLY is an interesting one, it’s tight, and it’s already beaten down, and they’re still gonna have great earnings or rev growth going forward, so could make a move. FSLY trying to bottom bounce here, it’s a good r/r.
  • You can see from my portfolio that’s where we are rn, two positions, two pos positions, but there are things setting up, lot of stocks going sideways for like 6months now they’re building hls.
  • A lot of these growth stocks are bouncing, but most of them are running into resistance, not all of them but most, like PTON running into these declining 10/20day, DDOG, ZM, DOCU, these growth stocks prob need like a week or two of good price action, then we’ll have setups.
  • CELH bought some orhs. CELH is averaging it’s daily vol, took out orhs but no juice after that, it’s coming out of a range on the weekly, it’s been building hls for like 4months, just taking out a multi-month range on earnings, prob gonna end up like 3/4M vol.
  • XPEV took a tiny starter orh, looked good on the 60min, whole sector is going up, but just stopped out. No conviction, this is not really a traditional setup of mine, it’s more like a htf on the 60min, sometimes these can work really well in a hot sector, and they also reported earnings, so I thought it might have some juice. Stopped me out, took out lods by a few pennies and now it’s going.
  • SE, did buy a pretty large position orhs, fairly tight stop, 174.90 avg, and stop is low 172s so $2.5, atr is almost $11, so stop is less than 1/4 of atr, it’s all about tight stops, this is how you get like 20/30/50x r/r, it’s all about tight stops. It doesn’t look very tight, but the thing is when I look at this what I see is, it’s like this never happened so if you disregard this, it sold off when the momo crashed on the PFE news, found another support on the 50day and now it’s back.
  • RH broke out yesterday, just a classic flat base breakout, reminds me of when it broke out mid July right here [15/7/2020], went on a 40/55% move. It was kinda building hls, except for this undercut due to market conditions.
  • NIO, ideal scenario would be this thing runs up to like 55/60, then gaps up big on earnings then has like a 30% sell off in a few days.
  • APVO, I reshorted some 14kshares, it’s trying to break down on the 60min, I’m risking like $3 to make $15 maybe, it’s super thin, getting more and more illiquid everyday. Fading now, I have 17kshares, I wanted 20kshares and if it had been more liquid I’d have done 30kshares.
  • TSLA, it’s not going down, even on the last sell off built another hl, in a big big flag, once the time is right I’m gonna build a big position, and look at all the MAs, 10/20/50day, they’re all very tight, this thing looks absolutely amazing. Bought a bunch of shares 12kshares, not a starter it’s full size but whatever, it looks great, super tight range yesterday, reclaimed its MAs, it’s like an early pivot on this thing. On the weekly, the breakout level is 452 or so, this is like a cheat entry. I shouldn’t have bought full size like an id, I should have bought like 1/3 size, bc it’s not really a clean breakout, it’s more like an anticipation type thing. This is a very early buy, like there’s absolutely no breakout here yet, but the way this thing has been building hls for 3months, it doesn’t want to go down, and it’s getting tight, but it’s very early, probably needs to break this 450 area this week or something, and I’m only gonna hold it if it closes strong.
  • GRWG there is a potential entry here, if it breaks out orhs, it’s a little bit of a choppy one but could work, especially if it breaks out on earnings, but not a 5* ofc.
  • Someone posted some graphic, it was the worst momo crash in like 20years, one day momo crash, like all the growth momo stocks were down big that day, at least it’s not a very common event, but these things happen, and that’s what risk management is for. They have bounced and setting up again, but they could have kept going straight down, but no matter what you gotta stick to your stops, you don’t hesitate you gotta get out, bc there will be a day when the dips won’t hold, they’re gonna keep going straight down, and if you don’t manage your losses, your trading career will be over, and it only needs to happen once, it only needs to happen once, and it’s gonna happen sooner or later.
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