232 [Breakouts everywhere! Nov 19, 2020]

  • SONO could be an ep, too thin for me but could be, it’s breaking out of a nice multi year range, has been building hls. Watch the volume, ideally you want to see like the avg daily vol (about 3.5M) traded in the first 5/10mins, that’s always a good sign, you wanna see a big vol candle something at the eod like we had here [22/6/2020]. SONO going, so far already at twice the daily vol [9:42am]. Big vol, the first 5mins or so it traded it’s full avg daily vol, that’s what you wanna see.
  • TSLA what a move, did I nail the entry on it or what, I did not think it was gonna do that I thought it was gonna go sideways for a few days. This is the best trading stock ever, it’s not even close, just look how many htfs it’s had, this one we traded [1/6/2020], idk if I traded this one [8/6/2020] but I know I traded this one [30/6/2020], and also this one [13/8/2020], and now this one [18/11/2020]. You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist with these things, all you need is a good market, and don’t be stupid, learn what works instead of doing some random arcane stuff.
  • NIO found support on the rising 65ema again, I’m thinking maybe orls and/or the break of that 44.80 retracement late day could be potential entries if it starts fading. So far still holding above that 10day, actually gonna lower stop to yesterday’s highs. NIO gonna stop myself out lock in a couple hundred k, didn’t break down, I was really hoping it would go straight to the 20day, well I guess maybe we get another short opp at 100, it just held the 10day perfectly again, it’s like there’s something magic about it.
  • MELI bought a tiny starter, gonna triple that position if it starts breaking that 1330 area. Added to it but it’s not really as explosive as I’d like it to be, but we’ll see how it closes.
  • IGV sold half yesterday, will add back if it breaks that 325 area.
  • FUTU, this one reported earnings, just insane numbers [999/276] this is what you want to see, there’s not many stocks that have these types of numbers, but triple digit eps and rev growth, these are the types of stocks that can make enormous moves.
  • BA that was a million dollar short opp yesterday, just so textbook, it failed at vwap twice, I just totally missed it.
  • BILI bought some orhs. Everything starting to look good, question is can we finally get some follow through, like real follow through, where things go up 20/30/50% in a few weeks, or are we just gonna get a bunch of long triggers and then everything’s gonna snooze, stop us out. Wow BILI look at this orhs breakout, and also big big breakout on the daily, 5 month breakout, maybe 70 next. First you have a big big chart break with hls, and then you have a big earnings beat on a growth stock, you have a breakout. Big volume, this day could be it’s biggest vol day ever.
  • NVDA could be a good short if it breaks down here. Just like AMZN did on it’s earnings like a month ago [30/10/2020], but didn’t have much follow through. NVDA just took out lods, shorted some. Not a traditional setup for me but this time since it had earnings could have extra juice, anytime a stock breaks out or breaks down on earnings, the probability of success is gonna be higher, just bc there is a reason for it, it’s not just a random day on a random stock. Good numbers yeah but NVDA has been going up for many years, it’s up 2500% in a 5 years, there’s just so many expectations on the stock, and yeah the growth may be stalling too, nothing lasts forever.
  • SAIL, yeah it looks great, too thin for me, but this is a 5* setup in the making, look how nicely it’s surfing the 50day, very good earnings all that.
  • DOCU, oh man I didn’t see this one, thing looks so good, bought some orhs, full size.
  • I’m about 150% long, prob gonna size down a bit into the close, I may be a bit too heavy, I just don’t trust this market feels like they’re gonna rug pull. But we’ll see how we close, if we close really strong I’m prob gonna size down a little bit, if we don’t close strong I’m prob gonna size down aggressively, I’m not taking any risks, if you’re gonna be on margin, things better be good, if anything looks just a little bit sluggish, you kinda size down.
  • SNAP, great growth and it’s htflagging, looks like NIO did back in Jul2020, look at what it did later, I bought here [29/9/2020] mid high 19s nailed that entry, but there were several other htf breaks, like why didn’t I buy the add on orhs here [14/10/2020], or on this day for that matter [29/10/2020], I need to get better at these, htf is the most powerful pattern out there, you don’t get too many, especially on these very liquid stocks, you gotta be there when they happen. And there’s one setting up in LI and XPEV too. LI look at this thing, these things can move, the key is tight stops, you buy them when they start breaking and use tight stops.
  • YY had a muddy waters piece on it. This thing had a mother of all breakouts a couple years ago on earnings [15/11/2017], imagine buying here orhs off this htf.
  • None of these things are new, they’re been around forever, there’s always some bad sh*t to worry about, and yet at the end of the day all that matters if you’re a trader is price action, and if you’re an investor it’s all about getting into a good quality company that’s growing and taking market share or if it’s creating it’s own niche. We are traders we focus on price action, nothing else matters. Macro, couldn’t care less, it’s 99% noise, no one know anything, I’ve been hearing the doom and gloomers talking about the market crash, the big one, since 2011 when I started trading, and yeah we’ve had some small bear markets along the way, yet we’re hundreds and hundreds of percent higher. We’ve had a few small bear markets along the way since the 2009 bottom, they’re been kinda short lived but still, yeah we haven’t had a major bear market in a while, it’s gonna come, the goal is to make as much money as possible before it happens, and there’s gonna be opps in a bearmarket too ofc but not the easy money, it’s not a market that’s going straight up. But also remember the big money is made after bear markets, the first stages of a bullmarket and last stages of a bullmarket, that’s where the big money is.
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