224 [Super earnings reactions in $TTD $NET $SQ $Z $ROKU !! Nov 6, 2020]

  • Lot of good earnings today, this is the heaviest day for growth stock earnings today. Not all of them are gapping up, but the problem is a lot of them are up 3/4days in a row, and none of them have like super game changing type of earnings, some of them do have big beats though, I like SQ, NET, Z, TTD, but I’m a bit unsure.
  • XPEV, I’m long but maybe like this thing for a potential short. I’m now moving my stop up aggressively [10ema], there’s no way I’m gonna wait for the 10day, this thing is up almost 60% from entry in just a few days, there’s a high probability of mean reversion, so I’m selling into strength, I sold some at the open, and we’ll see this thing could easily go to 50 or so, the higher it goes the better short setup it’s gonna be. Sold rest of XPEV, that was a nice 500k trade in a few days, now if it gets rejected off vwap on the next bounce I may short this one. Damn this is the weakest one, I sold everything I guess I should have flipped short, now I’m waiting for another vwap bounce. I traded it perfectly on the long side, couldn’t have done it better, sometimes you just get the exit right, like getting perfect entries is easy, I had it here low 24s two days ago 50kshares, I sold some on the way up then I sold the rest today at 37s I think, so it was pretty much a perfect trade, but I did miss the short, it’s kinda hard to flip from one side to the other, I always struggle with it.
  • ACB, yesterday was a big one yeah, huge volume, but not really my type of setup. I totally passed on it, I knew about the catalyst but I didn’t think it was gonna go.
  • SQ, thinking about maybe doing, it’s building hls on the 1min chart, it is a tight one so if it would break out the stop would be tight. Definitely not a heavy conviction one, since the volume is not really that good. Bought some orhs.
  • FTCH is up 50% from the breakout like four days ago, what a mover. Could be a great short setup rn, just missed it right here taking out lods, I think it’s too thin for me. Looks like FTCH got rejected off the vwap again. It’s a great daytrading opp, this is the best daytrading setup, when you have an extended stock like this.
  • NIO, looks like it’s losing vwap here, shorted 100kshares with a tight stop. It’s losing the lows of the first red 5min candle. Ok testing lods. I think this thing could easily pullback to the 20day like 25% lower than it is now, so I haven’t covered a single share out of my 100kshares, so either I get a homerun or I get stopped out. I’ve seen these types of scenario before, you blink and it’s down 30%, if it fails at vwap again I may add more, I wanna have a sizeable position in this thing when it finally starts pulling back, this thing is literally straight up since march lows. And you don’t have to try pick the top, if this thing goes down to 30/25, there’s gonna be plenty of time to short it on the backside, rn it still looks like frontside, looks like it’s bouncing off the 10ema on the 60min. When you get these scenarios, there’s a lot of money to be made if you learn how to trade these, but the key is backside, key is not picking tops, key is waiting for weakness. Next entry will be if it takes out lods, goes sideways builds more lhs, or if it tries to reclaim vwap and fails, that may also be an add spot. Added another 50kshares, if it reclaims vwap I’m gonna get stopped out.
  • PLTR, wtf here was the entry I even marked it but never bought it, it’s up 40%, another short candidate. Guys if you don’t realise what’s going on rn, speculation money is coming back, we saw these big movers yesterday, APVO etc, and now these recent ipos are going nuts, XPEV, PLTR, there’s no much money coming into this market rn, and there’s so many people skeptical of this rally. Guys just follow price action, look at what the leading stocks are doing, that’s all you need to do.
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