223 [Heaviest earnings day for growth stocks today! Nov 5, 2020]

  • Lot of earnings, there’s only one I’m interested in tho, MELI, that’s the only one that has good numbers, good guidance and enough liquidity. Bought some MELI orh. Stopped out. Back at hods, no I’m gonna pass, tempted but I’m not.
  • Sold some of the things from yesterday premarket, bought like 16M stocks yesterday so just lightened up a little, maybe 10%, into this gap up.
  • NUGT, SLV bought some orhs.
  • XPEV is up 35% from orhs yesterday, I wish I had bought 100kshares, I bought only 50kshares.
  • ENPH missed entry, bought some on pullback. SPWR also trying to get in. These things look so explosive.
  • ARRY, another solar name, recent ipo, the problem is it reports tonight, I would be buying this thing, but this thing could be down 30%. Wow 42, last time I looked at this it was 38.50, that’s the problem reports ah, wow this thing could go to 100.
  • UPWK, it’s an ep, the average vol for this thing is 1.6M and this thing traded 1.5Mshares the first 5mins, and 300k the first minute, that’s an ep, it traded 20% it’s avg daily vol in 1min. The only reason I passed on it it’s just too thin. On these earnings gappers you want to see big vol, you want the stock to reach it’s avg daily vol in the first 5/10/15mins or so, the faster the better, those are the best ones usually. And you can trade these things so many ways, you can daytrade, swing trade, position trade, orhs on earnings gappers, on the ones that have big beats, big growth, big vol, those are the best.
  • Now it’s all about waiting, some things will stop us out, even if the market keeps going, or the market could fade back and stop us out of everything, I just made a big bet that it’s gonna keep going. When you have a general uptrend and an orderly pullback into support, and you have some kind of a catalyst or overhang that’s going away, then you get a breakout on the indices with high volume, that’s usually a good sign, usually it means the market is good to go for at least a few weeks of rally. But anything could happen, I’m just playing the odds and what I see.
  • Man there’s so many breakouts, like every sector you can think of is breaking out; metals, banks, growth names, solars, biotech, home furnishing, tech stocks etc. The only groups having problems are like the cruiselines, airlines, o&g for obvious reasons, prob gonna go bankrupt, but other than those sectors which are not meaningful anyway, most things look really really good, there’s a lot of strength, that’s what you want to see. When you only have a few breakouts, like only one or two sectors that look strong, and only a few stocks in those sectors, that’s never really a good thing, the best markets are when a lot of stocks in a lot of diff sectors break out, that shows strength, this is what I’m seeing rn.
  • NIO, I’d like to see this 10ema start acting as resistance, I’m not gonna try to top tick this one, it’s still showing rs compared to the other China names, so unless it starts showing some backside, where the 10ema on the 60min starts acting as resistance, or if it breaks a long range to the downside. But I am watching this thing I think it could very easily fade 35/40%, back to the 50day, I wanna be there.
  • I don’t believe in resistance, it’s just random numbers people make up in their heads, doesn’t mean anything. Support, I do believe in the MAs on momo stocks bc they work. But like what does resistance even mean, like this line here, what it can’t go higher? I mean I do believe in support and resistance but only in very specific scenarios.


  • I’m gonna be in the r*tarded market wizards book.
  • Why did I just lose 31 viewers when I started talking about the edge of the earth, what is wrong with people?
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