222 [ELECTIONS! New bull leg starting or suckers gap? Nov 4, 2020]

  • I hate gap up opens like these they’re so tough, especially when there’s a big catalyst we could totally fade back and close really weak, or this could be the start of the big eod multi-month run, so kinda tricky but we have to take the shots right, tight stops, small losses, big winners. And if it’s gonna be a multi month run there’s gonna be a lot of opportunity, you don’t have to go from 0 to 100% invested, you can go from 0 to 20/30/40%.
  • TQQQ bought some orhs. Stopped out TQQQ. QQQs rolling over, got rejected on the vwap. This is exactly what you wanna see for a short setup, the stock stays below the vwap and gets rejected on the vwap, if you were short thing thing you’d prob want to cover if it reclaimed the vwap. Back in TQQQ, bought 40kshares, had 30kshares last time, problem is last time stop was less than $1, this time stop is $3/4, so risk is much much higher, but again good r/r, if we get a year end rally this thing could go to 200.
  • JD bought orhs. Looks like it’s gonna stop me out too.
  • SE bought some orhs.
  • It’s always scary to buy gap ups but sometimes big gap ups are the start of a new big move, especially when you have a big catalyst, it’s kinda relief you know, kinda stressful event that passes, technicals and psychology are lining up. Why did I buy some of these stocks on this gap up? I’m gonna show you something that happened with Trump last time, some of these sectors they gapped up a lot then they went on big multi-month runs. X, went up 55% after the gap up in like one month, GS went up like over 30%, CLF made a big move, some of these prison stocks CXW went up 75% after the gap up. When you get a catalyst like this, could be the start of a big multi-month run.
  • Many times gap ups are the start of new big moves, a lot of people are so afraid to buy gap ups but if the technicals and fundamentals are good and the volume is good, often times it’s the start of a big new move. This is the basic principal of EPs. Preferably you want a stock that has been going down or sideways for many months or even years, but sometimes also ep from strength can work really good.
  • Look what happened last time before the elections, so 9/11/2017, the market kinda sold off into elections, found support on the 200day, then it started running up before elections, then trump won and the index went on to a big year end rally that went on into the next year. SPXL the levered etf went up 40% in a few months.
  • XPEV, just bought 50kshares, this thing looks like it could double, the whole sector with China EVs, they’re just going crazy, and this one is just breaking out of an ipo base, it’s a kinda sloppy ipo base but tight 40c stop. Gonna get stopped out, oh well that’s what risk is for, you take risk when you see something good, it’s not gonna work out every time.
  • Why does my method work? Bc it gets into the strongest stocks, in good markets, that’s why it works. It’s based on a reaction to what’s happening in the markets, it’s not based on some predictions or fantasies or feelings, wants or wishes or biases, it’s based on what’s happening rn in the stock market. I’m getting into stocks that are going up, that are breaking out of chart patterns that I know have worked for 100 years, why would these chart patterns stop working now?
  • Wow look what biotech is doing today, XBI, IBB, LABU, BIB. There’s not that many good looking biotech stocks but the etfs are doing well. HZNP reported the other day great earnings great guidance, this is one that looks good but other than than I really don’t have a lot of biotech stocks in my wl. BIIB this is a 40B mcap stock, trades like a small cap, what a candle, insane.


  • LARPing, no I didn’t, I was a nerd but not this level of a nerd. Look at these nerds, look at these virgins.
  • If Biden used spray tan like Trump he would be at 260 rn no joke.
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