221 [Chop chop chop in the markets! Nov 2, 2020]

  • Only long rn is GBTC, not going down, BTC looks good, actually hit new multi year highs a couple of days ago.
  • PTON, when you have a very very strong stock that starts breaking some long time trends, like it did here this is where I shorted it 127s, right here on this candle, I kinda chased a little bit could have shorted higher.
  • ZM same thing, started breaking trend lines, right here, my avg is 510, it’s the same thing pretty much breakouts, breakdowns, you wait for these really nice ranges. If it can’t bounce off the 50day, next stop is the 100day which is 20% lower. Using the 10day as trailing stop, willing to give back most of my profit on it.
  • TSLA orls on friday when it broke this big range here, and it also had been building lhs for a while, right here is where I shorted it, 405.50 orls.
  • AMZN If I had been a little bit faster orls was a short, bc it broke this long term trendline and the market overall was really weak, and it gapped down on really good earnings, that’s never a good sign when a stock breaks down on earnings from a long long type of a flag formation, but I shorted intraday when it broke orhs, right here 3145 or so. AMZN got rejected on the 10ema on the 60min, I think this thing tests the 150day, it’s showing weakness compared with these other names.
  • I don’t look much at breadth no, bc some of the biggest winners they’re gonna work anyways, some of the strongest sectors, they’re gonna work even if the breadth is low. Usually what happens after market corrections, the first bounce the breadth is insane like everything goes up, and for every leg higher (this is what we saw also this summer) the breadth kinda deteriorates and deteriorates and fewer and fewer stocks and sectors going up. But our job is not to trade them all, our job is to trade the strongest stocks and sectors, so I don’t care what the breadth is. You can just see doing your scan which stocks are going up or not, and breadth can also be very misleading so.
  • XPEV, I’m looking at this but I swear the second I buy it it’s gonna stop me out, if the market was better I would be all over this thing, it’s kinda an ipo breakout on some delivery numbers as a catalyst the whole sector is strong, but a little bit too afraid to buy it here.
  • You don’t need any financial news, there are no stock news or financial news or very little, you look at the price action that’s where you get your news, and you get written individual prs, you don’t need any newspaper telling you what’s going on, let the market tell you.
  • A lot of the leaders have compressed ADR over the past couple of months, like a lot of stocks that had ADRs or 5/6 a few months ago now they’re in the 4s and 5s and many stocks that had ADRs of 3/4 now they’re 2/3, so the volatility has compressed a little.
  • CGC looks good, just coming out of its first base, but the rest of the sector looks kinda sh*tty so idk.
  • CMBM, had a good setup here [14/9/2020] had a good setup here and here also, but this one failed, now it is not a good setup.
  • JD taking out hod, I can’t resist, I just have to, I bought a starter 50kshares, risking a little bit over a dollar, willing to buy more, I just can’t resist it’s not going away. Yeah I’m not perfect, you really don’t have to be perfect to make tens of millions, you just have to do enough things right and avoid disaster, you’re gonna be fine.


  • Did he mention me in one of his seminars, what did he say did he say I was handsome? Oh he said I was a good trader, okay, but he didn’t mention if I was handsome or not?
  • Why does trading have to be so hard? Bc otherwise everyone would do it and there would be no money in it. That’s why trading is hard.
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