225 [$3M swing pre market! Never lost this much money so fast. Nov 9, 2020]

  • I got stopped out of a bunch of stuff premarket. QDEL gapped down over 30%, I sold it 2 teens premarket, one of my biggest losses, lost 460k on it. Wow QDEL still going down, I sold my shares between 220 and 210, I was not prepared for this, that’s why you gotta be quick, when something gaps down below your stop in premarket or ah, you gotta get the f out asap. If you don’t take your losses, you’re not gonna be in this game for long.
  • NUGT that was some epic epic stop cutting in premarket, I sold it in the 85s, now look at it, that’s why if your stop gets hit pm/ah, you gotta get out, even if it feels like you’re chasing, you have to get tf out.
  • APVO also got short some premarket, this thing is just insane, is a ten bagger in 5 sessions, unbelievable. If I can get some size on, I only have like 12kshares rn. Failed at vwap and halted. Got some more, so now short 23kshares.
  • NIO I covered it into close, bc it couldn’t crack, you can clearly see on the 60min, it’s still surfing the 10ema, still frontside. NIO short rangebreak to downside. Stopped out, broke that range and built another hl. Undercut the 10ema put in a wick now it’s going higher, that’s a sign of strength when they do these things.
  • SE, tf why am I getting killed on this SE, wtf is going on with these, Stop now lod. Back to green, so happy I didn’t panic sell it, like I did on JD. Didn’t expect these China stocks to do that this morning, I wasn’t even watching them, had no stops set or anything. SE had already started the bounce so I just set the stop to lods, bc I’ve seen this so many times when these strong stocks gap down below support and then just reclaim really quick. But JD was still going down when I saw it so I just sold, didn’t wanna be a in a bad position.
  • I am having a sh*tty day wtf, I probably had a 2M swing premarket. JD too, okay I’m liquidating these, I’m gonna look for someone to blame later, rn I’m liquidating these longs. Should I blame Trump or Biden, who should I blame? What can I say I’m about 2M poorer than I was about 2/3hours ago. Alright, I’ve been through worse. So this is what it feels like giving back 3M in a couple of hours, I’m still living and breathing, it’s the same feeling every time you get when you take a new record loss in a record time, it’s the exact same feeling.
  • TSLA, did 10kshares, looks pretty good, not a super clean chart, but this is one of the few growth stocks that actually looks good rn.
  • MRNA going, and it’s actually breaking out of a nice chart too, but these Vax plays they’re a gamble, man if I had seen this MRNA 10mins ago.
  • These things happen a couple of times per year, this is what position sizing is for, this is why you never put more than 20/25% of your account into any stock, it’s all about position sizing.


  • I could have bought a $1M Brandi Love sculpture, and I’d still be a million dollars richer, if I knew this bs would have happened before hand. Powell should have texted me he was gonna turn off the machines.
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