22 [Earnings, SaaS weakness, China breakouts. Nov 5, 2019]

  • EVER looks good, better buy point would have been on this earnings day but the second/third ones can work too, it’s a recent ipo, been building hls for the whole year, why can’t this thing go to 50 or something, but too thin for me.
  • PCG I missed my entry here, see if it can bounce back. I have 50kshares short 7.80 avg, I’m risking 10c to potentially make I mean why can’t it fade back to low 7s today, it’s been riding these hourly 10/20emas the whole move, could very easily fade back to this 10ema today. So far it’s built lhs, I think if it breaks this 7.75 to the downside could have a nice fade. Stopped out PCG. PCG reclaimed vwap and building hls, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to mid/high 8s today, but I will set an alert for it in case it loses vwap later.
  • CHGG looks good, probably buyable here in a lod stop, looks great on the weekly holding hls and now taking out a year long range, I kinda like it.
  • ISEE I’m just tracking this thing, the buy point was here in the very low 2s, I missed was looking at it as it broke out now I feel kinda stupid as it more than doubled very fast. Has a lot of volume in it already more than yday.
  • TNK looks good for those with smaller accounts, building hls all the way.
  • AMED following through from this breakout, I think it goes to 200, weekly looks amazing, entry was low 140s but no one could buy it there since it was up on air.
  • SIG trying to come out of a base, trying to reclaim the declining 150day, has a lot of the room to the upside if it can break, gonna start stalking this thing, look at the weekly had a multi year down move now it’s just flagging off the lows, up about 60% now just flagging, if it breaks this 18.50 area could very easily go back to low/mid 20s.
  • RAD pulling back a little bit, I’ll try to get some on the dip, if it can dip to high 9s I may try to catch some there.
  • XNET this this is building a flag, I think this thing could break out this 6.70 area go to $10, ideally it goes sideways in this 6.50s area a couple more days but why can’t this thing go higher flagging like this, but if it breaks below this 5.90 could also be a short.
  • RPD still building a base after its big multi year move, actually has a clean range here in the 53 area if you look at the weekly, probably needs at least a few more weeks, the numbers look good, guidance isn’t that exciting.
  • TNDM I’ve been trading this thing over the years, 2018 was an insane year for it, now it’s been flagging, in a year long base after its big move 2018/2019 went up 2100%, once this thing breaks higher it’s gonna go up 50% very fast.
  • PTON this is something you don’t want to see on a loss making growth stock, where they see increasing losses for the next year that’s not great, they’re really good at losing money lost 3x the analyst estimates, but the rev growth and guidance is good.
  • AGRX I am stalking for a short, not gonna do it today I want it to have one more up day, it’s kinda low priced but it is up 500% from the lows 5days ago, but no not gonna touch it today, just stalking it.
  • JD had some nice follow through, I sold some tiny into this strength, if you look at the weekly chart, just broke out of this range, looks great.
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