21 [Earnings, oil and China! Nov 4, 2019]

  • JD gapping up over this area, also built hls been riding this 200day 6months or so now perfectly, and it’s a big big area here, once it breaks out on conviction it’s gonna go, gonna have a multi Q move, same thing with BABA. JD having a big move off the open, I didn’t wait for the 1min candle to confirm, I just bought 15kshares. I may add but rn it’s kinda fading lower from entry. Ok JD near highs I’ll add another 5kshares.
  • BABA the 60min candle looks really powerful, look at the volume, it’s having almost as much volume as it had in the first 30mins on Friday when they reported earnings, this is a very powerful 60min candle.
  • JNUG I’m gonna trade instead of NUGT if it breaks out of Friday’s highs, bc it’s stronger than NUGT, on Friday it actually took out Thur highs, whereas NUGT didn’t, so I’ll buy if GLD breaks higher.
  • RETA just keeps going, look at the 60min this is what institutional buying looks like, I can’t believe I was short this thing on the first day it’s up over 40% in two weeks from orhs, always easy in hindsight. On this specific day there were a lot of sh*tty biotechs up 100%, most of them small cap pumps, this one I thought it would fade like the others but my analysis error was this is not a microcap pump, this is a midcap stock up on real good data.
  • RAD I think this could easily go to 15, but the entry was below 9.55, I tried to get in 9.68s but I didn’t want to chase it more than that.
  • When the markets were in a range, nothing had follow through, like stocks broke out and then they got slammed down again, broke out got slammed down, bc the indices were in a range and most stocks do what the market does, 4 out of 5 stocks do what in the market does, if the market goes down stocks go down, if the market goes up most stocks go up, generally. That’s why I always talked about this SPY range break is so important, look at IWM same thing here, now we have kinda broken out there’s a lot of room to run, now the old resistance kinda acts as support.
  • Most stocks have the biggest moves when the market is going higher, my best times in the market were 2017 when the markets were straight up for a year without any major pullback was my biggest year, and the first 4/5months of this year when they went straight up without any pullbacks, so when the indices have big powerful moves that usually also means the stocks underneath have big powerful moves; a clean lower volatility trending market, that’s the best time to be a swing/position trader.
  • FRO is having a beast of a bullflag, if this thing breaks this 10.70 area on volume, next leg higher it goes to 13 easily. Same thing DHT and EURN also, whole sector is very strong. FRO starting to break out, for those with smaller accounts you could buy it here risk 20c to make $2/3, looks awesome, I’m not gonna touch it just way too thin.
  • AGRX having big follow through, had some positive FDA news Thur which it pulled back from and now it’s just going straight up. There’s a lot of money to be made in biotech stocks bc those things can move irrespective of the market, if the news are good enough they don’t care about the market they’re gonna go. Last big biotech trade I had was AMRN [24/9/2018] I bought it had huge volume then I think late day had a breakout just went up 120% or so in a month from entry, my risk was maybe 50c and it went up $12.
  • One of the biggest mistakes traders do is they try too hard, the markets are all about waiting for the right setups. That’s what I’ve been doing, now I’m just managing the positions.
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