20 [Earninss, earnings, earnings! Nov 1, 2019]

  • BABA I am very excited about this one, this stock is in a multi year bullflag, been going sideways for 2years, building hls for 1year and gapping up on decent earnings, not super explosive bc this is a mega cap stock but pretty damn good. The r/r here is very good, you can risk maybe $2 to make idk $50 if it breaks out of this bullflag. BABA I set a buy stop. BABA needs to close over 179.50 which is yday highs if it can’t do that idk prob not holding it, needs to show strength.
  • BGNE China biotech, very good rev growth, had a deal with AMGN, biotech stocks are not easy to trade imo but this thing looks to be pretty damn good, and it’s coming out of a long flag so could be something. Big big volume, weekly looks so good, just breaking out above a 2year range, they have earnings on Wed, no I’m not gonna buy this.
  • ANET haven’t checked the numbers yet but thing is blowing up pm, growth stock from 2016-2017, had a perfect earnings gap up early 2017, tripled from there in a short amount of time.
  • TDOC looks good, had it’s biggest up volume day ever, just look at this bullflag on the weekly, there’s a bunch of stuff looking like this, I think a lot of them are gonna have big big runs going forwards.
  • ISEE could be a short below this 3.16 area, I’ll prob pass on it but does have a range here, on the other hand could be a long and go to 4.50 or something, ideally it has another leg higher then I would be very interested.
  • NUGT almost green on the day, big reversal too bad I got shaken out of 1/3. NUGT can make big moves, look a the chart from 2016 what it did, insane.
  • RAD breaking out, looks amazing, just built a 2month bullflag off the lows, and about to reclaim the 200day, I see no reason this thing can’t double.
  • YINN I bought it back, such a tight stop in this thing I don’t even care if stopped out again, I just wanna be here if China is breaking out in mass, I want to have exposure.
  • Some guy on Twitter says the move higher in SPY is unsustainable bc the volume is low… I’m gonna show you guys, you see the volume in SPYs the past 10years, rallied 300%, the volume has been going lower. And I just read some research that the volume is generally lower on up days than it is on down days, so that’s not really a valid argument I think.
  • If you’re a daytrader or a swingtrader I think at least 100% per year minimum, that’s been my benchmark and I’ve hit it for the past 6years, you should at least be able to double your money every year, at least. I’ll show you my numbers.
  • MRVL growth estimates look good expect to grow 59% next year, but on the other hand they’re expecting to report $1.13eps which is actually a little bit less than they earned 2018/2019, and the stock is at the same levels as 2018, so that means they have to pay a higher multiple for the same earnings if this thing is gonna go up, which makes me not as excited for this one, bc you want the stock to hit new highs in price and new highs in earnings preferably.
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