19 [$XNET $100K+ fuck-up. Oct 29, 2019]

  • BYND this thing has insane rev growth 250%, but it’s still trading at a very expensive multiple, I think this thing trades about 20x sales actually not that expensive, but it’s gapping down bc the expectation on this thing is so high, at a certain point, these kinds of high growth stocks can’t meet expectations so they sell off on big growth numbers.
  • AMKR I’m not sure about this one, if you look at estimates for next year this is expected to grow 760%, but the problem is this year declined by 92%, expected to earn 43c next year but it’s less than they earned 2018, 2017, 2016, but the stock is taking out highs from 2016 pretty much, so the question is why is the market paying a higher multiple for less earnings, what’s different? So you can’t blindly look at growth estimates, have to put things in perspective.
  • MRTX had some clinical data again, I personally can’t have confidence in something like this, idk anything about biotechs, this thing had a big move starting late 2017, had some good data, stock is up about 700% since in 2years.
  • RETA hitting scans again, I think if this can hit 210/215 again today maybe gonna start stalking for a potential reshort, just been grinding up, this is what institutional buying looks like, had some good data and just been up since.
  • XNET yday I shorted 50kshares somewhere here in the low 6s, it tanked a little then I got stopped out of half when it reclaimed vwap, then it lost vwap I reshorted half, covered some then I got stopped out of all of my shares on this spike higher. Man I’ve been so sh*tty at trading these momo stocks, these used to be my bread and butter.
  • IIB strong, green on the day, been going sideways for many years now, holding this 100 area for a couple of years, maybe we get another multi year run if biotechs start breaking out of this 115s area.
  • ENDP if it closes below this first stop level here I’ll sell half, bc it’s kinda getting rejected below this 150day, putting in lhs and we have a range break to the downside, I don’t like this, I still think this thing could have another leg higher to the 200day but rn it’s just not doing technically what I’d like.
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