189 [I’m in The Wall Street Journal today. Sep 9, 2020]

  • PRTY, it could be ready, it’s a low priced name these things don’t necc go sideways that much, it could be ready but a few more days of sideways with hls would be ideal.
  • TSLA was down to 308 in ah yesterday, I didn’t see it, I covered some in 320s ah but didn’t see the 308. So we did get the undercut of the 50day in ah, now we’re gapping up, we’re actually up like 16% from the ah lows. It’s a tricky one, would’ve been much easier if we’d gapped down then I would prob have covered all and went long, but with this gap up it feels like it’s gonna gap and crap. Added a little orls. Stopped out adds. Wow TQQQs failed at vwap rn and TSLA almost hitting new highs, weird. Rejected at vwap again, this thing just can’t get up for air, what’s going on is this gonna go to zero? I readded some, 5500shares. Look at this rw in action, took out lods, TQQQs having one red candle and TSLA taking out lods, that’s rw.
  • TQQQ added orls. Now it’s gonna bounce, it’s gonna ping pong like that and chop everybody up, I just don’t see a big edge either way.
  • These types of markets, less is more. This is not the time to be aggressively swingtrading on the long side.
  • Wait WSJ has posted the article really? I’m posing with my cat no way. Wow. I’m in the wsj, this is so epic. All I had to do to get in the wsj was pay 1.5M to the market gods, that’s all you have to do to get your 15mins of fame.
  • Thinking about going long NUGT, gold is showing some strength, GLD bounced off the 50day. Just bought 26kshares NUGT, actually showing rs to JNUG, JNUG hasn’t hit highs yet but NUGT taking out the highs. It’s a triple etf, it’s better if you look at GDX this is an unlevered one, it is a decent setup, it’s a commodity so it’s not correlated to the market or anything, it’s running up more on inflation fears and stuff like that. Starting to move, I have a pretty big risk on this thing $3.5 over 100k risk on this thing, I think that’s enough.
  • BVXV yeah it looks decent, this is a good one, surfing the 50day, has a nice rangebreak, Idk what the catalyst is but this is a pretty decent setup, very thin stock. This is a bit of a non traditional setup but it looks good. Also had a decent setup here and here, these are 5* setups guys these two.
  • APPS, it’s a leading momo stock, it’s surfing the 20day and it’s still holding up around the 20day, it couldn’t even get to the 50day that’s how strong this thing is, and now it’s building a range here, if it goes sideways another 2/3/4days that would be ideal, let the 50day catch up a little bit, it’s one of the strongest stocks in the market rn.
  • Together with PENN, PENN is surfing the 20day like a champion. Last breakout was a dud bc the market tanked right after this, now we have more information, now we know this thing has rs.
  • You can very easily see which are the leading stocks, those are the ones that; 1 are up the most, and 2 are holding up the best in this market selloff.
  • USAK, yeah it does look good, also had a very good setup here, and I guess here too.
  • VIAC, I dunno if I like this one, kinda just a grinder, it never really has much follow through, just grinding, I don’t like these kind of stocks, and ADR 3.6% it’s way too slow, no one should trade this thing.
  • If there’s no setup I don’t like any stock at any price, but if there’s a setup I can like any stock at any price.
  • Boredom trading is fine as long as you recognise what you’re doing; don’t do any size, use tight stops.
  • Never attempt daytrading, I think it’s a waste of time, I think it’s better to start swingtrading I really do.
  • Guys that’s not how stocks work, it’s not like if a stock goes up it’s bc of short covering and if a stock goes down bc of short selling, shorts are a very small part of the market, there’s shorting and short covering at all levels here. There’s shorting and covering all the way, it’s all irrelevant just follow the price action. Especially something like this [TSLA]. Something like KODK, yeah one actor can move this thing, it’s a very low float stock, low priced, someone with resources could very easily run this thing, you see manipulation in these things all the time, some fund running it creating artificial volume. But something like TSLA, it’s just too liquid.


  • Oh wow the market’s tanked while I was looking at my picture in the wsj, n=1, I’m gonna stare more, did it work? I’m gonna stare more intense, yep it’s science, soon we have n=2.
  • !youtube
  • How’s DDTG doing? I unfollowed him too much noise.
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