190 [Are we going to hold the 50-day? Sep 11, 2020]

  • A lot of these former leading stocks, CVNA, SHOP, SQ, they may be bear flagging, these things may be bear flags.
  • PENN is on its own planet rn.
  • It would be a great thing if we get a washout down to the 100day, or even the 150day, the lower we go the better. It would be a good thing if we get down to sub 10000 or even down to 9500 or something [COMPQ] and the faster it happens the better. If you’re a bull, if you like to buy breakouts you want that to happen, you want the market to go down, and the faster it does it the better, the faster we’re gonna get some long setups again.
  • UAVS, yeah it has tightness, but the thing is if it starts going on high volume, if it’s a pr or something it could make a big move, it is flagging nicely. But it kinda needs like a catalyst, this is the kinds stock that doesn’t really have like funds accumulating and things, it’s more of a retail stock. Exactly it’s a pump.
  • Okay now we’re bouncing, so far we found support on the 50day [built hls], but the thing is we have the 10/20day here so we could very easily find some resistance in those areas, but the longer we build a range the better, the bigger the move is gonna be in either direction. But rn we are rangebound, less is more.
  • This is the time when you can really see which stocks want to go higher, but again you need a setup, you just can’t randomly buy something, like FVRR right just bc it’s going up, you need a setup.
  • DOCU shorted some, got stopped in, adding some more.
  • JD is a champion, undercut the 20day yesterday and closed way above the low, so yesterday’s lows is not my stop on it. This is what a strong stock should do, this is how a strong stock should act, it should find support on the 10/20day and sometimes the 50day.
  • TUP, yeah it could be a mean reversion setup, if I had a smaller account I may have traded it orls today, and you know fail at vwap and stuff like that. This is the type of setup you’re looking for, look for a leg higher, then another leg higher, and then that’s when you start stalking them.
  • That’s an ability you have to train up, work on it, work on your patience, you have to work on being systematic instead of emotional.
  • Depending on how the market closes, if things start to weaken later in the day I may add more to the short side, and if it looks like we’re gonna close strong, I’m gonna cover things up. That’s all you have to do, you don’t need any options, all you have to do is follow the price and listen to what the market is telling you.


  • I’m gonna tell you who cares I was in wsj, my mom.
  • That’s a good idea, I’m gonna do my top 20 winning and losing trades over the past 4/5 years.
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