188 [Markets nearing bounce territory? Sep 8, 2020]

  • TSLA I don’t think any support until the 50day, could easily still have another 5/10% downside before a bounce, def not today, maybe tomos. Shorted some more late day, got rejected off 60min 20/65ema. Shorted some orls, very tight stops, either works immediately or not. Now shorting some rw, not really bouncing with the QQQs. Got stopped out twice on small size, gonna reshort if it takes out lods, but it shows rw, TQQQs bouncing, TSLA can’t bounce. Still showing rw. Okay reshorted lod, thing is showing some big big rw. Covered a tiny bit of adds, next target 50day, if it hits 50day gonna cover all the adds and keep core and lower stop. It doesn’t necc have to bounce at the 50day, it could easily undercut, it could go straight to the 100day we don’t know that, the momo totally broken in this thing. TSLA sized down pretty hard now hods.
  • This is what momo stocks do when they lose momo, TSLA now down 32% from the highs, this is why it’s so lucrative to short these very extended stocks. If you study thousands of these you will realise it’s the same thing over and over again, you can play these things on the long side, the short side, you can daytrade them, you can swing trade them.
  • TSLA has been textbook, it has nobrainer setups, people haven’t learned setups, if you learn the setups you can see the signs. You can clearly see it was breaking a range down here, here, here. Then you saw the momo shift, breaking down here, kept breaking down. If you learn the setups, you can nail these things too, you don’t need any handholding, that’s the point you’re supposed to put in the hours, you need to put in thousands of hours studying setups, and then you will see, stocks will act the same way, every year, every decade, every century.
  • TQQQ also shorted some late day, rejected off 60min emas. Sizing down TQQQ also, gonna let this bounce play out, just leave my cores. Could very easily get a multi day bounce, but what the stocks/indices do after they bounce, that’s what’s gonna be interesting.
  • Don’t be so eager to dip buy things, dip buying is not a great strategy imo, much better to wait for things to bottom out and then buy a rangebreak.
  • CVAC, yeah it was a good setup but the market was selling off, always hard to buy breakouts, but this was a 5* setup, was an ipo flag. Well recent ipos usually may not relate much to the markets since they’re usually not in index funds.
  • Definitely not looking for any breakouts, since there are none, this is the time to be patient, not aggressive. If you’re looking for breakouts here, you’re prob gonna blow up, better to wait for the market to either have a real washout or try to find some footing. There’s a few random setups here and there, but I’d rather wait until we get a lot of setups, until we get a lot of leading stocks start breaking out, that’s when I know the time is right to start buying breakouts, which you can hold for weeks and maybe even months.
  • BILI stopped out for a small profit overall.
  • If you wanna play breakdowns, it’s better to do it on the momo leaders, bc when the leaders are breaking down that’s usually.. This GGAL is just a random SA bank, thin stock, it’s just too random.
  • BTC, I just don’t see any edge here, it’s in a range, if it breaks below could go lower, if it breaks above could go higher, it’s too hard, I just don’t see an edge here.
  • These numbers I have on the chart 71/39, it means the eps growth last Q was 71% and the rev growth was 39% YoY. And these numbers, these are like the analyst estimates, like next year its expected eps growth 35% and Rev growth 26%. What it means is the potential fuel for the stock, stocks with big growth make big moves, stocks with big consistent growth make consistently big moves. They don’t necc have to have eps growth but rev growth is a must. That’s how you find big winners. Do I use eps and rev numbers to make buy and sell decisions? Yes sometimes, it gives conviction, the higher the growth the better, but obv momo trumps everything.
  • Yeah we could easily get a multiday bounce, I like this DOCU as a bounce play, undercut the 50day, went down over 30%, and now it’s trying to bounce, it’s down 2 days in a row and today is the day 3, gap down and undercut, this is something that could work. And it’s building a hl too, just a series of hls. Did some DOCU, risking $8 to make, idk, can it bounce back to 250s sure.
  • I couldn’t care less about the IWN, I don’t trade stocks in the IWM anyway, they’re all too illiquid, or most of them.


  • I’m gonna tell you a secret, you really don’t need to be that smart to get rich. But don’t tell anyone, don’t share the secret, let’s keep it between us, bc I don’t want all the retards around the world to get rich.
  • Ti, trend intensity I don’t really use it anymore, op I removed it. It’s just a momo indicator.
  • !about brandi love.
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