170 [Earnings season – finding the next big winners! -Swing trading school last 65 minutes. Aug 6, 2020]

  • Can you spot the 5* breakout on APPS, 30/7/2020, orhs just as it started breaking out of this tight range, high 12s, you can clearly see on the 60min big volume came in, way above average volume, 5* setup. Put this in your chart database, this needs to be ingrained in your brain, this is the way to millions.
  • ROKU is going down, bc sometimes stocks go down. They had good earnings, but they had a run into earnings, sometimes stocks gap down on good earnings. A lot of people have a big trouble understanding the concept, sometimes stocks go down on good news, sometimes stocks go up on bad news. Sometimes expectations are really big, a stock runs big into an event, and when the event goes out of the way it goes down. It’s just a basic structure of the markets, buy the rumour, sell the news. Same with with FSLY, big gap down, down 20% on good earnings. Thing is both could be buyable on orhs, like AVLR yesterday. ROKU even though it’s down, it’s building a constructive chart, it’s bouncing off the 20day, not a coincidence. So far FSLY looks like it’s bouncing on the 20day just like ROKU was, but ROKU could still take out lods and go lower, you should never buy stocks on weakness, you should always buy stocks when they take out a range.
  • OSTK on potential short watch, up 3200%, has barely violated the 10/20day during this whole run, had a big up day yesterday after already being extended, eventually it’s gonna go down, the question is when. Have to wait for them to get really extended. OSTK short 20kshares, going straight down.
  • FVRR is another on short watch, Small position FVRR [1min orl], thing is so thin almost untradable. Having follow through, first target rising 10day, 18% lower.
  • GSX shorted 10kshares. Stopped out, higher it goes the better.
  • Missed SE and ETSY entry, 5* setups. SE was a perfect one, 1min orls, first red 1min candle, then you had a secondary entry on the 5min red candle. ETSY, you just missed the add spot, here on this bounce, then it started building lhs, then it lost vwap, that was the add spot like mid/low 131s, that was the add spot if you missed the g/r move.
  • Bought tiny starter [1min orh] TSLA, just trying to take out this range on the 60min. Stopped out, TSLA weakening here, if it starts breaking down this high/mid 1400s range, I’m gonna go short, this thing is gonna make a 500 dollar move either way it breaks. Testing the lower end of this range, and actually got rejected off the 20day today, I’ll take a starter short, super tight stop, it’s still rangebound, it’s probably gonna stop me out but that’s fine it’s a small starter, if I can risk $10 to make $500, I wanna make that trade every day of the week. TSLA is going to be an enormous trade, this is why I kinda anticipate these minor rangebreaks with starter size bc once the stock starts moving in either direction, I’m just gonna add to it then add more, and more as if confirms, I don’t wanna buy like a 10M position at once, I’m gonna go nuts on this thing.
  • Small short starter NVAX, little bit of a chase [174.55], should have been on it earlier [lods], but could potentially pull back quite a bit. I wish I’d shorted it yesterday when it failed at vwap, I was actually looking at it, it reclaimed vwap built lower highs, this 178.40 area that was the entry point for sure, or today orls, I kinda chased a little bit 174.55s, but the correct entry would have been here high 175s, when it took out orls.
  • KODK, idk, could go, been building hls, has this range, buying 50kshares, either it goes or it doesn’t. Sold tiny KODK (quickly), now moving up, could very easily go back to 20. Fading here, so far no juice, now below vwap, they’re slamming it lower.
  • MAXR, there was a kinda nice 4* setup on this day here [30/7/2020], little bit of a slower name, it was surfing the 20day, then kinda went into range, then was surfing the 50day, built hls, was in a tight range, then it broke out.
  • LAZY, I can see three really good setups, one here, this one was really good, and then this one here. But rn it needs more sideways, I think the 20day needs to catch up.
  • I don’t really trade exactly the same way as I’m trying to teach you guys, I’m not as systematic as I should be, that’s why I’m teaching you guys to be super systematic, bc as a new trader if you haven’t made millions, you can’t trust your intuition, your intuition is probably sh*t. I trade a lot on intuition, but you guys should be as mechanical and systematic as possible.
  • If I would blow up and had start again with a small account. I would probably scan for very high ADR stocks, like 6/7%+ and most of them are smallcaps. I don’t care about smallcaps in particular, I just want to be in the fastest moving stocks, I don’t care if it’s a smallcap or a largecap, you wanna be in the fastest moving stocks.
  • Swingtrading school, alright class sit down and listen. This is my longest term scan, this one scans for the biggest winners over the past 2 years.
  • Let’s go back to OSTK 2017, one of my biggest winners. This was a very good setup, orhs [27/9/2017], I think they reported earnings or something doesn’t really matter, found support on the rising 20day, took out this range at 25 on big big volume. Here is a good setup, surfing the 10day building hls, getting tighter and tighter, then breaks out again on high volume. This one too, first bounce off the 50day, has a rangebreak here, bounces off the 50day breaks this range on big volume, great setup.
  • CWH, this is a decent setup, you can just see how clean, you need clean setups, something that’s not all over the place, just keeps surfing the 10day, then the 20day catches up, hls then you have a range here and it breaks that range. Not super obvious but definitely a tradable setup.
  • SEDG, this was an earnings winner, in a big big uptrend, keeps surfing the 20day, then it kinda breaks down a little bit and finds support on the 50day, bounces off the 50day twice, builds hls then has this tight range, very good setup.
  • ROKU, very good setup, big uptrend, bounces clean off the 50day, builds hls, then breaks this range, 5* setup, beautiful.
  • ENPH, this is a really good setup, just keeps surfing the 10/20day, then it breaks this range on big volume. Not a super obvious one, but 3.5/4*. Some consolidations are not that long.
  • AMD had many many setups over the years, I was a really sh*tty swing trader back in 2016, not good at identifying these setups, but this is a 5* setup. This one is 5* but would have stopped you out here. This was also a really good setup, not a 5* bc the previous day candle was kinda loose, but it had this big rangebreak, and it had been building hls. This is also a really good setup, surfs the 10day, undercuts it, builds hls for 2/3days and then breaks out, beautiful setup. This was a good setup, you get the bounce off the 50day, kinda breaks down, pulls back, builds support off the 50day, builds hls, you see this, many times these things build hls, before their breakouts these things most of the time build hls, very important concept. This is one I did trade, bounced off the 20day, started building hls, then it got tight. This one, built a range, hls, this one reported earnings this day, I bought enormous size I had like 50% of my account in this thing when it broke out orhs, but it stopped me out, reversed after I bought it stopped me out I took a decent loss on it, then it reversed again took out the highs again, I never got back in, look at what it did, feel the pain with me, it only went up 96% over the next couple of months. This thing I traded on the stream, this is a 6* setup on a 5* scale, you gotta f memorise this, this is a 6* setup on a 5* scale, you don’t get many of these, look at how tight this is, bounces perfectly off the 20day, gets really tight.
  • You want to be in the stocks where the 10/20/50day are in a high angle, they go straight up, like they go up in a 45degree angle, those are the kind of stocks you wanna be in. 45 degrees or even more.
  • APPS, this is a 5* setup memorise this.
  • W, it wasn’t as obvious but the market had a multi day pullback, this thing just undercut the rising 20day and just couldn’t go lower, back at aths immediately. If you didn’t buy here this is an acceptable setup too. Look at it now.
  • INO, this was a good setup, but didn’t have any follow through. This was a 5* setup, surfed the 20day, built hls.
  • PLUG, this was a good setup, it did gap up, but when you have a powerful chart a gap up is okay, as long as you get it on orhs.


  • I daytraded for a couple of years because I didn’t know any better, it took me a couple years before I found someone who swing traded successfully.
  • Guys don’t be afraid to ask me, especially like an hour/hour half after the open and things are calming down, you can ask me anything, I can be your psychologist, I can be your best friend, I can give you life advice, I can give you love advice, I mean look, I’m here for you guys.


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