171 [Earnings season. Aug 7, 2020]

  • 1/5/60min orls, 1min and 5min higher fail rate, but you can get in really really early on 1min, so I think it’s still worth it, but you can do whatever you want, as long as the stock doesn’t start running, bc if you have a really good setup you wanna get in as early as possible.
  • KODK, sold premarket took a small loss, had to chase it down, these kinda stocks if you see them printing red candles in pre or post you just gotta get out, this thing could gap down 50% overnight, biggest t*rd, not an institutional quality stock just pure pump.
  • MARA sold a little bit yesterday but it’s acting really well, not breaking down. Selling rest of MARA here, this was a homerun trade, 500k two weeks. They have a 30M mcap, they announced a 100M shelf, that’s like 3x their mcap. Sometimes when fundamentals change you gotta get out, that’s some insane selling pressure right there. This thing is a management enrichment scheme, don’t hope for too much, but what do I know, if it sets up again I’ll buy it.
  • WKHS sold half of shares yesterday before the close, closed kinda weak right at the 10day, but looks like it’s gapping up today, may rebuy bc look it bounced off the rising 10day, and if it can hold and take out this low/mid 17s range, could finally go. Bought back the 50kshares sold yesterday, long 100kshares again now. Actually looks like a really good setup for next week, even with yesterday’s pullback, put in another hl and the range is still intact, may add even more if it starts breaking out next week.
  • OSTK didn’t get stopped out of short, never took out hods, put in this midday bounce then starting fading again and I lowered my stop to this lower high. Stopped out, this thing is not going down, if it keeps trying I’ll retry it. Gonna have a big big pullback eventually, 20/30% in a few days, just not yet. BTC pulling back but OSTK going higher.
  • Very grateful the stocks I was long into earnings TTD and Z gapping up. DDOG I was long yesterday too but this is the reason you wanna have some profit cushion if you’re gonna hold into earnings, so you can withstand some volatility, if the stock had been at 100bucks would have held half or so of position into earnings, then the gap down wouldn’t have hurt as much and maybe not even have stopped me out, but if you don’t have profit cushion and you hold into earnings you’re just gambling.
  • GSX gapping down a little, all the China names. Shorted started GSX. Went green on the day, very good, gonna also be a big opp for next week. I never like when these stocks gap down, there’s a very big probability that they rally back. The best ones are the ones that are extended and then they gap up. Took a starter GSX, it’s up 7 days in a row, up 70%, it’s a tight stop couple of dollars. Added a bit more, 20kshares short, looks like it wants to lose vwap. Now lets see if it can keep fading vwap or if it reclaims. Once this thing pulls back could very easily pull 15/20/30% in a few days/weeks. Building lhs, shorted a bit more (2kshares).
  • FVRR nice follow through yesterday’s short, covering some here.
  • SAIL, too thin for me, has really good numbers [999/47], really good setup, but it’s too late to buy now you had to be on it sub 36/37, gotta be early on these things, gotta be quick. Some incredible numbers, is an enormous beat [Q2 eps 15c, consensus 4c, Q2 rev 92.5M, consensus 69M], but the guidance not as good as I’d like [Sees Q3 eps 6c, sees Q3 rev 82M]. Had a good setup coming into today, is a slow stock ADR 3.3%, but had really good earnings, you had to buy orhs, ATR 1.24.
  • CHGG is not a good setup here, it needs to be on the MAs, 10/20/50day, right now 10day is nowhere near, it’s not a good setup. If you wanna make millions you’ve gotta trade good setups, otherwise you’re probably gonna blow up eventually. You need setups, buying random moves on random stocks you’re not gonna make it in this game.
  • BLDP, pretty decent setup, in a hot sector, PLUG is strong, this thing could work. Undercut the 50day, surfed below it, but it’s building hls and now it’s reclaiming, I think it could go higher. 3.5*.
  • Following another trader is not gonna make you money, I can tell you that, you need to develop the skill yourself. You’re never gonna consistently make money by following other people. Yes you can take ideas from other people, understand the rationale behind the trade, but just following other’s trades you’re never gonna make money.
  • Then I don’t need ATR, I’m gonna remove ATR, this is a historical moment. I’m more interested in the intraday moves not the gaps. I’m interested in the avg intraday volatility, I’m not interested in the gap.


  • There’s something sketchy with MM, his methodology is great I learned a lot from him, but he keeps tweeting these very illiquid stocks to his 168k followers, tweeting these microcaps, there’s something wrong. The guy should supposedly make 10s if not 100s of millions and he has his expensive paid service and keeps tweeting these very illiquid stocks, something’s not adding up idk. There’s a word for that, it’s called pumping. His methodology is solid, but it’s like with that Brandt guy, something is not adding up.
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