169 [Perfect short setup on $LVGO! -Swing trading school last 55 minutes- Aug 5, 2020]

  • APT, I sold half yesterday since it closed below the 20day, and if it takes out yesterday’s lows I’ll sell the rest. Reported earnings yesterday, the numbers are crazy but price action is king. The numbers are insane, just insane; 475% eps growth, 123% rev growth, these are like fantasy land numbers. But again a lot of this is already priced in, the stock is up almost 500% this year.
  • DT looks exactly like CHWY did last week, if DT puts in a breakout candle like CHWY did, CHWY was riding the 50day, had a breakout here [30/7/2020], and now it’s way higher. DT looks exactly the same.
  • LVGO shorted starter [10kshares] avg low 145s, covered a little into lows. Straight down, covering a bit more. Covered 2kshares so far, think could test 115 in next few days [20day].
  • LRN bought 12kshares, kind of a thin name, had to chase it up a little. 5* setup coming into today, ADR 8.6%, thin though, I wanted to buy 40kshares couldn’t.
  • Selling tiny GBTC into gap up.
  • AVLR so far bouncing from the gap down, held the rising 10/20day. AVLR about to go green, green on the day.
  • TDOC straight down, if TDOC can’t bounce getting tf out, if it takes out lods I’m out. I’m out, just too weak.
  • If a stock gaps below my stop, you gotta get out. Preferably in AH or PM but if it’s too thin to get out or doesn’t trade in AH or PM you gotta get out at the open.
  • GSX watching for a potential short, this thing had 4 perfect looking breakouts in the past few months alone.
  • TWTR looks interesting, just surfing the 20day, it’s a bit of a slower stock but I think this thing could really go, bc it’s one of the only software/social media stocks that hasn’t gone yet, and they’re working on a saas, subscription model, I think could drive a big run up, into before they launch their sub model. If they can finally monetise in a good way, it’s gonna be a 100/200B mcap stock, rn it’s not even 30B. Obviously technicals need to come first, but I always like to have some type of fundamental thing that drives the stock too. Undercut and reclaimed the 20day and now it’s breaking a tight range, since I sold TDOC gonna buy some TWTR, bought 60kshares, less than 80c stop, ATR is $1.35.
  • HTBX, look how clean this setup is, had a big move, pulled back, now it’s surfing the 20day with hls, look how clean this thing is, these are the types of setups you wanna see, not some random pos stock not surfing any of the 10/20/50day. IBIO too, look how clean this thing is, big move, pulled back sideways, look at how tight it’s getting, surfing the 20day, those are good setups.
  • FSLR two days ago, yep this is a 5* setup, and here another 5* setup, look how beautiful it is, makes a big move, keeps surfing the 20day, it does undercut here but bounces perfectly off the 50day, then it pulls back goes sideways, keeps riding the 20day, puts in hls, builds a tight range and then breaks out, that’s a 5* setup. You need to take screenshots of these setups, you can’t just watch here and listen and think everything is gonna be alright, you need to build a chart database of thousands of examples. That’s what you need to do, you need to actively be learning, just watching is not gonna cut it. Thousands, exactly, thousands.
  • Swing trading school. Biggest 6 month gainers scan. ADR most of you should put it at 5/6%, and dollar volume you can use maybe like, 20/30x your account size, or 50x.
  • Let’s start with CVNA, I can see two 5* setups right here, one is here, you have a big big move, look how it keeps surfing the 20day, then it just keeps getting tighter, look at how tight it gets as it surfs the 20day, then it has a high volume breakout. This thing needs to be in a watchlist once it starts getting tight, you need to be able to identify the setup here, then next day as soon as it starts breaking out you gotta buy it. Another good setup, this is maybe 3.5* is this one here [1/7/2020], keeps surfing the 20day, builds higher lows and puts in a tight range.
  • SQ had some really good setups back in 2017. This thing keeps riding the 50day, here it builds a base, starts breaking out, makes a move and surfs the 10day, then you get two really tight candles with hls, then it breaks out. Here another really good setup, You need to go back, take screenshots, build a database, thousands of stocks, if you don’t spend at least 500/1000hours studying this one single setup, it’s not easy but it’s simple, but you still need to study hundreds, thousands of hours over the next few years, that’s how you master it, that’s how you will make millions, tens of millions. This could be, is kinda breaking out of a range off the 50day and building hls, it’s a little bit more of a subtle setup, there’s obv variations of this setup, you’re gonna figure it out. This is another good setup, undercut and bounced off the 20day, gaps up the next day, looks very similar to SEDG a couple of days ago, had this weak candle, reclaims, then next day you have a gap up. Sometimes if you have a good looking setup and it gaps up on earnings or news, even if it gaps up 5/10% could work out really nicely.
  • You shouldn’t ever put more than 25% of your account in a single stock, ever, there’s no point. You get the best breakouts in a bullmarket, and in a bullmarket you get hundreds of stocks that make big moves, there’s no point in putting more than 25% of your account in any given stock.
  • ETSY, 5* setup, you don’t need to know the earnings, what sector this thing is in, you really don’t. Then you had another really good setup here, hls, you have a range, surfing the 20day, now look at it.
  • FVRR, right here, so you’d have sold half or a third after 3-5 days, then you’d use the 10day as your trailing stop, here it kinda undercut but it reclaimed and closed above, and then you can move your stop here [lows of that day], using those sell rules you would still be in the stock.
  • MRNA, 5* setup right here, unfortunately I didn’t follow my sell rules. Here another setup, look how tight it got, then you have this big range. Here another 5* setup, here is another good setup, undercut the 50day, reclaims starts building hls, you have this big big range, this breakout candle on higher volume and look what happened. Now it’s flagging again this is also a good setup, building hls, has a tight range, maybe tomos if this thing can close stronger could be a good setup.
  • W, some setups are just too short but they work anyways, but here is a 5* setup, a stock that finds support on the 20day, starts building hls, puts in a tight range and then it has a breakout candle. And this is one I bought last week, when someone told me ‘I heard you are long W, you should quit trading’, kinda funny.
  • LVGO, this is a great setup, I bought it, unfortunately it stopped me out, then it bounced off the 20day here, bounced off the 20day here, then this is a 5* setup, builds hls, has a tight range, then it starts breaking higher had a huge move. Then another 5* setup right here, did close a bit weak. Surfs the 10day, hls, then breaks out.
  • VXRT, this is a good setup, something you need to identify the day before, then the next day it gaps up on some news, you need to be on it, you need to buy it orhs, this thing had huge vol out of the gate.
  • SRNE, this thing has two really good setups, this one I bought, I sold at 6 bucks, then I rebought it here.
  • TWLO, another one, big move, chops around for a bit goes sideways in a choppy range, finds support on the rising 20day, starts building a tight range, puts in a narrow candle, then it has a breakout on higher volume. Most of the time you can’t determine if they’re gonna have volume earlier in the day, but especially if you’re trading mid and large cap stocks, they always have volume you don’t need to worry about it. Here another really good setup, hls, tight range, bounces off the 20day again, builds hls, then has a breakout candle.
  • OSTK, this had a 4* setup here, this is a 5* setup, and this is also a 5* setup.
  • Any type of breakout strategy is gonna work best when the market is in momo mode, and sometimes you have to be in cash for weeks and months on end when the market is not good, and that’s fine. If you can sit out a period like this, once a period like this comes around [apr2020-jul2020] you’re gonna 2/3/4x your accounts. Every year there is usually a 3-6month period that’s challenging, you will make little or no money, and then you get these runs you can 2/3x your account, you just have to wait for those periods, you have to wait it out. Making millions in trading is really not rocket science, it’s all about patience and discipline, it really is, if you have more than 10 brain cells you can make a lot of money. But what most people don’t have is the patience, the temper, just waiting and doing nothing, most people want the fix, they need to be doing something all the time.
  • IMMU, 7/1/2020, this was another decent setup, it wasn’t really tight going into it, but sometimes the previous day can be loose if you have a nice range, you kinda have to look at the overall picture.
  • In swingtrading you’re always aiming to get like 5/10/20/30x your initial risk, the best trades you’ll make 20/30/50x your initial risk, you can make a lot of money even if you only have like a 20-30% winrate. You can have a winrate well below 50% and you can make a sh*t ton of money. If you need a 70/80/90% winrate to make money, I’m sorry but your setups suck, your methods suck, you have very little edge if you need that high of a winrate to make money.
  • Marketsmith, so the left column is eps growth and the right is rev growth, this is what a growth stock looks like, the ones that have triple digit earnings and rev growth, you wanna be long. This is the reason LVGO went from $20 to $150 in 4/5months, this is fuel, rocket fuel.
  • ETSY is a good short setup, I think if it gaps up on earnings could be like a sell the news setup, it’s really extended from the base [30%], up 6 days in a row, this is gonna be a 5* short setup, just hope it gaps up on earnings, that would be an ideal scenario or if it opens breakeven. Just like LVGO today, this gapped up a little, it was up way more in premarket, right out of the gate it put in a red 1min candle and I shorted right there, really good 5* setup.


  • So many people in chat, 240, jesus, like just a week ago I was averaging 100 people.
  • I get the same questions 10x per day.


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