160 [Tesla and Twitter earnings! Jul 23, 2020]

  • TWTR didn’t hold overnight, sold before close since it closed pretty weak, didn’t want to risk a gap down. Obv it was gapping up but now it looks like it’s fading the gap. If it takes out orhs and has volume I may buy some, but looks pretty weak not excited about it. Having a strong first candle, bought 50kshares [1min orh]. Straight up, bought another 50kshares, let’s go. Ah I actually see now what’s happening here, it got rejected at the 39 area exactly, this thing was a big level in premarket, f*ck. Volume is decent, almost half of the avg already [9:41am], which is a good sign. Should I go nuts and buy another 50kshares if it takes out hods? Do I have the balls to own 150kshares with a $1.50 stop? I’m tempted to buy another 50kshares just bc I can. TWTR is right at premarket level, went through that 39, didn’t add not gonna go crazy.
  • TSLA did hold overnight, since it popped into the close, I was watching it when they released earnings, I had my finger ready to sell everything in case it gapped down but it gapped up so that’s nice. Willing to add orhs. Added 1100shares [1min orh], stopped out of add immediately (23k loss). TSLA not acting well rn, it got rejected at vwap now it’s about to take out lods again, we’ll see how it holds the base here in the 15.80s. So far holding the rising 10ema on the 60min, it’s building hls for now, that’s a good sign. Weakening, and stopped out, locked in a small profit on it, looks like it wants to go lower, now I’m gonna look for a short setup in the coming days. It lost the rising 20ema, next support is gonna be the 10day which is just slightly lower, and this rising 65ema, after that there’s a lot of air. Bouncing right off the rising 10day, that’s okay, over 1620 I may rebuy it, if it builds hls and a few narrow candles. Did an undercut and reclaim and I got shaken out. Okay I’m gonna wait for a 60min range to develop then gonna start building a position again, it just had to do this undercut of recent range.
  • TLSA in the past few weeks I went from long to short to long. That’s what you have to do, you have to follow price, you can’t have opinions. Well, you can have opinions but you always need to trade price. Very easy with TLSA to flip positions since it’s ultra liquid, high priced stock, very technical trader friendly stock, maybe the most ever. If there is one stock consensus doesn’t matter, it’s TSLA, everyone has been wrong on it, except for the crazy bulls.
  • BTC broke out yesterday, broke out of a tight consolidation. BTC is a big big flag, multi month flag, really good looking chart, ETH looks exactly the same, bit stronger. So thinking about doing some GBTC orhs, thing could double if BTC keeps going. GBTC triggered, bought 50kshares.
  • JMIA had a secondary, lets see how they absorb it, rn it’s at the rising 20ema 60min. Undercut then bounced off the rising 20ema.
  • Why not RIOT? RIOT and MARA super illiquid, MARA broke out yesterday, faded back into close. But these things are too illiquid for me, dollar volume v low. The charts on both look pretty good, but the dollar volume is so low.
  • Interesting small caps are leading today.
  • RCL taking out lods, these things are breaking down. I need to short some of them. Shorted 100kshares NCLH, have to be short some of these, they’re all breaking down. Okay just shorted 30kshares RCL too, going short the cruiselines here. Gonna add to both if they start weakening. Added more at lows, they’re showing weakness, they’re all gonna go bankrupt.
  • ROKU, look at where it found support, this magic white line on the 60min. Yeah the magic line worked right, it’s good to add these magic lines on your charts, they’re pretty helpful. All you need to be a profitable trader is a good setup, good risk management and some magic. No rocket science involved, who needs rocket science when you can have magic. Rocket science is for losers. I’ll take magic over rocket science any day of the week. Damn this ROKU, I should add to this thing, I’m gonna wait for this candle to develop [60min] then I’ll double my position. Doubled up hods, long 16kshares.
  • BNTX absorbing the offering really well, it held the rising 20ema 60min v well, now it’s bouncing off of it, also building another hl on the daily.
  • MU buying a small starter 30kshares, ah it’s a slow name didn’t realise how slow it is, ah whatever, missed AMD yesterday, not gonna miss this one. It’s just coming out of this big big flag, look at this flag on the weekly, looks beautiful, hls forever, then you have this range. Looks great, whole sector is breaking out, AMD broke out yesterday, NVDA this thing has been going for a while. I wanna focus on things just coming out of big flags, like TWTR, MU, ROKU has a very nice early flag too, a lot of the other names they’re very extended.
  • PLUG undercut and reclaimed the 20day for now, that’s a good sign. When you get an undercut and reclaim of a key MA that’s a good thing, that’s a bullish sign. I like the fact that PLUG built a hl and it undercut and reclaimed the 20day, if it can hold in this range it’s gonna be a main breakout watch for tomos.
  • AAPL is weakening, should I short AAPL? No I’m long MU, AAPL is also like a semi stock. There’s just too many stocks showing strength and weakness at the same time it’s kinda confusing, that’s what makes a market dangerous, when you can see these contradictory signals. Just shorted 10kshares AAPL.
  • AXNX, yeah looks good, this thing has insane rev growth, absolutely insane, they have this new medical device, but they’re not profitable yet. It’s thin though, very thin.
  • MIK, decent looking flag, on a beaten down name, it looks good. The sector has been hot, all of the sector stocks broke out yesterday, so this is a little bit of a laggard, I’d have liked it more if it broke out yesterday, but yeah it can work. All the retail names had a strong day yesterday.
  • There are some corona names weakening, like VXRT, if it loses the 10day it has some room to fall, this thing is up from $2 in just like a month and a half, at $14 now. MRNA weakening, INO not so much yet. NVAX is gonna be a top short watch, this thing is up 3800% this year, since early Jan2020, it’s gonna be a great short, but the momo needs to shift, either it needs to go parabolic, or it needs to find backside. Rn it’s building hls, it’s above all the MAs on the 60min, there’s just nothing here rn, could go to 200.
  • Adding a bunch of indicators, I’m gonna add all of these. What do you think is a fair price for my service? If I’m gonna have an indicator it’s just gonna be a chart with price and volume nothing else, and not even share volume, dollar volume. I think dollar volume is so much better than the share volume.
  • ATR is dynamic, it’s just a volatility indicator. One of my rules is that I shouldn’t buy a stock if it’s up more than its ATR. Unless it gaps up on earnings or something, then it’s a different thing, but MU for eg, I bought it 53, yesterday’s close was 51.65 so I could it when it was up $1.35, and ATR is 1.68, so that was fine, but if it had been up at say 53.50 I couldn’t have bought it, bc the stock would’ve been up too much.


  • What do you mean TSLA can’t always go up, what kinda heresy is that?
  • Pivot points indicator. Wth am I gonna do with this? I can’t see the charts, it’s just random evenly spaced lines. Derivative oscillator, Coppock curve, I’m gonna add everything. Let’s say I do $50 per month for every indicator, I’m up to like $750 per month rn it’s a steal.
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