159 [On the hunt for the next million dollar opportunity! Jul 22, 2020]

  • INO bought yesterday late day when it started breaking this low 26 area, took out this tight range, still holding the rising 20day like a champion. Gapping down now. Stopped out. Stop was too tight apparently, bounced off the rising 65ema/ the 10 and 20day, now it’s going higher, gonna rebuy it. Rebought, not a traditional setup but it’s holding uptrend, I just got caught in a shakeout.
  • SNAP, wow the growth is gone, 17% rev growth that’s just pathetic, not a growth name anymore. SNAP taking out lods, could be a good short entry right here, obv for a swing trade not a daytrade, well could also be for a daytrade. Followed through from orls breakdown, if you’re a daytrader, should prob lock in some right here, if you’re a swingtrader, well this thing could easily go back to sub 20.
  • Cruiselines starting to break down, airlines too, they tried the other day but then they bounced the next day. Especially this NCLH, just incredibly weak, weakest one of them all. They’re holding the bottom of the ranges, that’s a good sign for now, something has to give sooner or later, they’re just retrying the bottom of their ranges and bouncing, building ranges. The thing is a lot of them, like RCL, this thing could be a good long setup tomos, is in a tight tight range, building hls, they could be longs, not breaking down for now.
  • PLUG is strong again, not going away. Just bought 100kshares, gonna buy another 100kshares if it acts well, but gonna use a little bit of a wider stop, gonna use the retracement lows from yesterday, the low 8.80s, as my stop. If it goes sideways here for a few more days and breaks out of this range, mid 9s, gonna add another 100kshares. Got stopped out, that’s what happens when you take a cheat entry, don’t do cheat entries. PLUG failed today, but is in a perfect looking htf, once it starts breaking out again, I’m gonna go big.
  • NVAX just took out lods, took a starter short [14kshares], gonna double up if it weakens, maybe later it’s too fast. NVAX weakening, gonna add more.
  • HTZ, is going, bankrupt stock, no volume here though yet, bought 121kshares. Total pump stock, no institutional support whatsoever, this is just retail driving this thing. Straight up, time to start selling some, sold a tiny bit.
  • TWTR, has earnings tomos before market. Depends on where it closes, if it closes like this or lower I’m prob gonna size down or sell everything, but if it goes higher and closes like $38 or something I’m prob gonna hold everything. TSLA they have earnings after the close, same thing here, if they close weak I’m gonna size down or sell everything, and if they close strong I’m gonna hold at least some. Aggressively moving stop, if this can’t hold the rising 20ema, getting tf out, I have big size on it, not gonna gamble over earnings if it closes weak. Undercut and holding rising 20ema on the 60min for now.
  • WKHS, looks good, I don’t want it to go today, I want it to go sideways a bit more, the 20day has caught up now, could go today. There is some buying coming in here. WKHS back into range, that’s why it can be dangerous to anticipate breakouts sometimes.
  • OLLI, it’s a very slow grower, it’s a decent chart, they had some decent earnings, but it’s a slow.. it’s a discount store, yeah it’s up 200% from the lows but idk, I wouldn’t trade it. If it was a growth stock I would be all over this thing, but it’s not.
  • BLNK, missed the entry, I hesitated. Got filled 50kshares 7.60 [pullback].
  • AMD is gonna go this time, looks good, and I’m not in it. The entry was in the 56 area. Hopefully it pulls back some. Sh*t why didn’t I buy it, I mean breakouts like these, this is just textbook, hls, flat base, this is a htf on the weekly.
  • AHPI, looks great on the weekly, bought starter [14kshares]. Is a mask stock like LAKE, APT, OMI. Tiny position is very illiquid. Fading a little but still looks good on the weekly, as long as it can close over 12.50 I’ll still be happy.
  • JMIA is going higher, I expect this thing to go at least to 15, I’m not gonna sell a single share. This thing is just coming out of a big big base, some enormous pump potential in this thing, AMZN SQ and PYPL of Africa. It’s a tiny position, only 2% of my account. This thing has to double for me to make any decent money off it.
  • Risk per trade, usually around 0.3-0.5% account size, rarely do I risk more than 1% of my accounts nowadays. Sometimes I do. Getting smaller and smaller year by year as my accounts grow.
  • FVAC is the old Molycorp. In evernote: rare earths. Molycorp, it made a big move back in 2010/2011, went from like 12 to 80 in 10 months, it’s a rare earth producer. I thought they went bankrupt and now they’re back, and pumping them hard.
  • FUV looks good here, yeah it’s flagging here, riding the 20day, looks good. Too thin for me to trade but looks good.
  • MRNA had some huge insider sales, I think like yesterday or today. They had a lot of insider sales past few months, they just don’t want to be in this stock. When insiders are selling as hard as they’re been doing, that’s not a good sign.
  • I don’t like the breakout failures, and even the breakouts that have been working, they’re been kinda slow generally. What are the markets telling me rn? Rn they’re telling me be cautious, the easy money is over, there have been select breakouts working, a lot of things have been failing, it’s just kinda choppy for now, it’s been choppy.


  • The past 4 months have spoiled me, I don’t want losses, only wins, is it too much to ask? I need to sacrifice a goat to the market gods, haven’t done it in a while. Yeah the market is telling us we haven’t sacrificed goats for a while.
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