15 [Swing trades starting to work again! Oct 23, 2019]

  • NOW the numbers are good but these things have some pretty hefty valuations, the good earnings are not a surprise anymore, these software names have had good earnings for many years now so everyone is expecting good earnings. And they’re losing their ceo, okay. NOW is having a big reversal off the lows, the weekly is kinda in no mans land, but on the weekly it does look good, all the MAs still rising.
  • I’m looking for explosive explosive earnings, big surprises, big numbers, coming out of big bases on big volume, that’s pretty much what I’m looking for, there’s usually a few per earnings season, some there are more some there are fewer.
  • MIK so I bought it the day before yday then I got stopped out yday near the open, then it just kinda reversed back higher went straight up and I rebought 10.18, went straight up such a crazy reversal.
  • SLV and GLD are bullflagging really nicely, look at the GLD weekly this 20weekly is key, when GLD had a big rally from 2005-2011 this 20weekly was the magic line most of the time, most of the time found support here, and this is what’s happening now, took out a 6year range, had a nice little move and now it’s just flagging and the 20weekly is catching up, I think another week or two and these things are gonna have another big move. When that happens this NUGT is gonna be up 50/100% in a very short amount of time so just stalking these things constantly. USLV gonna take a small starter here 1/3 size just to keep track of it.
  • BYND straight down from that trend break 25% so far, if the borrow hadn’t been so expensive I would have been all over it.
  • BIIB yday was a $50/100k opportunity, this orls, and was another opp when it built lhs going into this 301 break, could have risked $3/4 to make $20 intraday, and ultra liquid. That’s what happens when a lcap stock gaps up 30/40%, most of the time they can’t hold it, such a big move, usually stocks like these move 30/40% in a year not overnight, but I didn’t have the conviction to short it.
  • RETA how perfectly it held this range, tried to break down and just snapped higher again, but it is building lhs, just draw a line on the 5min, so far unless it can reclaim this descending trend line this thing is weak in my book, but did hold support so far.
  • IGV so far it’s kind of putting in a small double bottom below the rising 200day, this is a good thing it’s still rising for maybe this is just an undercut maybe it goes back into range then breaks out later this year, is kinda strong rn hasn’t had a decisive break down yet.
  • MNK now it has reclaimed the declining 50day, both the 10/20day have started turning higher, so it’s in a long and mid term downtrend but in a short term uptrend, let’s see if it fails here this is a key area, needs to hold at least this 2.70 area I should prob raise my stops.
  • SBS had a beautiful breakout yday, undercut its rising 200day then started surfing it and yday had a breakout on overall Brazil strength, really good chart.
  • NAT really good, this is the type of trade to risk 10c to make $1, for those with smaller accounts, I would be all over this thing if I had a smaller account.
  • It’s all just a waiting game, trail your stops, sell into strength, cover into weakness, it’s just a very simple method I trade nothing complicated, the hardest part is the patience part, it gets really really boring.
  • SEDG solar stock holding up really well, every solar stock was down yday this is just holding up what a beast, look how it’s surfing the rising 50day ultra strong, idk not a great setup here ideally it pulls back to the 50day goes sideways maybe another week then has a breakout over this 91 area, rn there’s just not a clean setup but it’s one of the strongest stocks in the market rn.
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