14 [Swing trades starting to work again! Oct 22, 2019]

  • TEVA added yday when it broke this declining 100day and at the same time that’s when the news got out that they settled some opioid lawsuits, so I bought it just before it had this big spike, my alert got triggered then it spiked 14% in a few mins so I sold about half of those adds, I was really lucky.
  • RETA I held a bunch short overnight 3kshares, didn’t really pullback as much as I’d hoped for but I think could have more follow through selling today, looks like it’s gapping down a few bucks, would have been better if it’d gapped up. I’m not gonna trade it near the open if it gaps down, just focus on the swing trade and try to cover low 170s/160s even. If RETA can put in lhs and confirm those lhs I’m willing to add more to my short, was very close here to getting stopped out. If you see it’s got a high here, lh here, another lh and today we got another lh. Damn straight down I missed my entry, if it can bounce back to 183 ish I’m thinking about adding more to my short. RETA took out lods, I’m not gonna trade it now today it’s getting too thin. So every time it establishes a new lh, that’s where my stop is going to be, and same if I was long this thing I would use hls as my stop.
  • Okay let’s look through some earnings gappers; EDU very choppy chart, decent growth estimates, little bit conflicted on the trade as it is a bit of a choppy mover, but on the other hand has been building hls for the whole year but it’s kinda extended, the numbers are not good enough for me so I’m gonna pass on this one. CDNS it’s a very slow grower not my type of stock either, been in a nice uptrend past few years but a little bit too slow for me. HOG numbers don’t look great, shrinking this year and next year gonna grow 30% that’s why they’re up. STMP some deal with UPS again nothing here.
  • BIIB up on biotech related stuff, big move but not gonna touch it I don’t see an edge here either way. BIIB rn looks like it’s fading but the short entry was higher, it’s a big gap for a lcap stock gapping up 35/40% there’s no edge there just too juicy of a move, in a normal scenario if you can find a lcap stock that goes up 40% in a year that’s a big move, but overnight that’s just crazy for a lcap stock to do something like that. It’s partly bc it gapped down 6months ago, if it hadn’t had this big gap down I doubt it would be up this much. BIIB wow this would have been an epic short, tried to bounce couldn’t even touch the vwap then it just started lhs and then it broke dow this range and now it’s going lower, very liquid stock but just not my type of setup necessarily.
  • BRZU in starter position. EWZ finally breakout out of its range what a beauty. Okay gonna add to BRZU now. Great follow through so far, if this thing gets going I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes to 40/50 over the next few months if this is a legit emerging markets breakout. PBR also pretty much identical charts, I think Brazil state owned oil name.
  • MIK stopped me out, 13c slippage this spike down is my shares. Got stopped out but I’m still tracking it, bc if you look here on the 60min it’s still holding hls, the chart is still intact, I just have to buy it a little bit higher as I did with RLGY.
  • SES kinda been basing for a few days now and getting tight, I think it could do a big move up.
  • PAGS had an offering, found support on the rising 150day and now it’s building hls, so far it’s kinda bullish action, def not ready for a move yet but it’s building hls surfing the MA.
  • If you go back a hundred years usually most of the market gains are from between Oct-May, and between May-Sep the markets have been generally haven’t had gains, most years. And this is potentially the start of a good period, we are in Oct and indices setting up, market stocks setting up in big multi year bull flags.
  • APPS super strong, you can see had a big run, pulled back found support on this white line been support for the whole year, undercut it built hls for a month and now it’s breaking out.
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