146 [If you don’t trade the momentum leaders, you have no future! Jun 30, 2020]

  • INO added a little short, 50kshares now. Stopped out immediately, will look for re-entry later. Wth, that’s some dip buying on INO. Added back 25kshares hod as stop now. Stopped out again, just cannot win on this stock.
  • BE up, pr with samsung. Bought 50kshares, is a hot sector, PLUG had a big run, BLDP had big run, BE hasn’t really gone yet. Just coming out of a long consolidation, not a momo leader, but why not, good r/r. Risk 50c to potentially make $5.
  • ZM, this thing just bounced off the rising 10day, looks amazing, it’s gonna go to 300, I took a loss on the short, I’m gonna go back long if it sets up, probably not today.
  • They are going one by one, SHOP could be an add spot, MELI setting up, DDOG setting up, NET setting up, just so many setups rn. But these are more like continuation setups, they’re not like A+ setups, they’re more like B- shorter term momo setups.
  • LAKE, it is setting up actually, not today but if it starts breaking out in the next few days I will consider it, this thing actually broke out last week but then it pulled back. It is building hls and it’s surfing the rising 10day.
  • MRNA, bounce off 50day then rangebreak, buying a starter, 20kshares.
  • WRTC, the product? Doesn’t matter. It has a sexy theme, it has momo, it has volume, that’s all that matters.
  • What’s your main gauge on knowing if a stock is a fast mover? Okay first, has it made big moves in the past? Then I look at stuff like ADR, preferably it’s above 4%. SHOP, TSLA are in the lower end, but these things have made big moves in the past, so you know these things can move. And also, look at how well these have obeyed the 10/20day on both of their runs, you know that those stocks are very linear, very clean moving. I don’t look at float very much, it doesn’t matter. I’m looking at the past momo and linearity (how well it obeys the 10/20day). High growth, sector momo, absolutely. Big eps/rev growth, both preferably over 40%.
  • BLDP too, PLUG has been on a big tear this past week, so when I saw BLDP also breaking out from this perfect flag pattern yesterday, I had some conviction in it. Same thing with BE, I knew BLDP broke out yesterday, PLUG has been going straight up for the past few weeks, so when I saw the news on BE and this thing gapping up on big volume, having news with samsung, I knew this thing could be big, gave me some conviction. So I’m always aware what things are moving, what sectors are moving etc.
  • If a stock can double, it can double again. Past momo is a very good indicator of new momo. Stick to the momo leaders, if you wanna make big money in the markets you have to stick to the momo leaders, you have to stick to the best ones. You can’t sit there and trade second and third grade stocks.
  • Look at the DXCM, this is one I’m stalking. This is a momo leader, it’s a growth leader, it’s setting up in a very nice way. Look how clean this thing has been moving previously. This has been mostly obeying the 20day, and present run it’s on, look at for how long this thing obeyed the 10day, this thing doubled without barely touching the 10day. Then it pulled back, found support on the rising 50day, then it found support again on the rising 50day, now it’s getting tighter, building a flag, ready for a new run hopefully. These are the kinda stocks you wanna trade. It’s a momo leader, it’s a growth leader. It’s very linear, it obeys the MAs, it’s not choppy it’s very clean, a lot of momo. You don’t want randomness, you want the institutions have supported on every dip.
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