147 [Feels like markets are tired, BUT, a few parabolic moves in momentum leaders starting. Jul 1, 2020]

  • Airlines gapping up, looks like they’re found some support since their pullback after their big runs, held their rising 50days. SAVE is main one, UAL is gapping most. Already long NCLH for cruiselines, but thinking maybe doing some RCL or CCL, just diversify a little bit. Bought some SAVE [60kshares] and UAL [40kshares], they’re all running, just pick one or two.
  • WKHS, had 100kshares short mid/late day, covered some into flush, held 85kshares short overnight. Think this goes back to 12 by tomos, since fri market’s closed. I had long from 3.60 to 10, if I had held even a small position, had a little bit more patience, would have had a 500% gainer. But I always sell these things too early.
  • WKHS, missed the add orls. Covered some into weakness off open [20kshares]. Tried to get 16s on the pops but was too slow, should have chased. Sometimes you have to chase, but the question is when.
  • TNDM, was a good setup yesterday sub 92, entry early yesterday. You gotta be on these, you can’t wait for them to go up a bunch and then buy them, you have to identify these things before they breakout and be ready, just when they breakout. All of these things I’m watching them, in anticipation before they breakout, I have a lot of alerts set.
  • FSLY I will be stalking, but the thing is I want this thing to start topping out below the 20ema on the 60min, and then breakdown. Rn it looks like it may want to build a htf.
  • PDD, undercut the 10day then it reclaimed, found support perfectly on the 65ema 60min, put in a higher low. So the PDD chart looks very very powerful. Now losing the 10day, not good, if it closes below the 10day gonna sell even more.
  • Hope and prayer, that’s not a strategy. What’s the setup on ETSY? It’s a very dangerous type of stock to short for two reasons; It’s not extended enough, it’s just been grinding higher. And two, look the the 60min, it’s above all the support levels. NVAX for eg, this is the backside, it’s below all the EMAs on the 60min, but ETSY is still frontside, all this support, there’s not much downside in it. There’s two times to short stocks, either when it gets really extended, and when they are backside. This is neither. It’s riding these 10/20ema on 60min, every time it comes down to these two lines, there are buyers stepping in, so there’s really no downside on this thing unless it cracks and holds below these EMAs, and then starts going down.
  • NVAX is a good setup, it’s a momo leader, that finally has some backside action. All the momo leader’s crash eventually, all the momo leaders become really good shorts eventually. Usually either they go parabolic, get super overextended, or they show some backside. This thing is now on backside. There’s also another reason this could be a good short, fundamental reason, and that’s the news from BNTX and PFE, and MRNA and INO already tanked on the news. And NVAX just took out the orls, so there’s a fundamental reason and a technical reason to short this thing, and you have a very set risk. This thing has been rising the 10/20ema on the 60min, and now it’s below it, and now these areas act as resistance.
  • SAGE, yeah looks decent, beaten down, coming off a little base, not a momo leader so not for me, but could work. Had a nice run, went sideways, popped a bit, went sideways a bit more, now it’s surfing the rising 10day and now it’s coming out of this range after a couple of narrow range days. It’s a decent setup.
  • Momentum leader is any stock that’s among the 1-2% strongest stocks on any time frame, 3/6/9/18 months etc.
  • SHOP, remember when we bought this thing 793 orhs on this day here [15/6/20], this is what a little bit of patience can do. I remember someone freaked out in chat when it went straight down after entry. The next candle was a red candle but it didn’t stop us out, it never took out orls. This is why I keep telling you, just take your entries, set your stops, and don’t worry about it, the stock is gonna do what it’s gonna do. Now it’s straight up since, there’s no reason to look at every tick, take the 1/5min charts off your setup, only reason to look at is right out of the gate, first 15min, after that there’s no point pretty much.
  • I have 30 stocks in my portfolio again, that’s not a good sign guys, 30 is a bad omen, means a pullback is coming. Srsly, the past two times I had 30 stocks in my portfolio, the market tanked within 1-2 weeks.
  • PLUG is going higher, what if PLUG wants to go parabolic, I’ve seen this before. It’s a dangerous setup but this thing could go to 12 bucks, not my traditional type of setup, but I’ve seen this movie before.
  • ZM undercut the rising 10day again and now it’s reclaimed and it’s going into range. I still have a feeling this thing is gonna go parabolic to 300+, it’s just not going away. When you have an extended stock like this, every times it dips a couple of percent, the buyers come in and bring it higher. When an extended stocks refuses to dip, that’s usually a sign. This thing could be really powerful.
  • I don’t look at market cap, I don’t give a sh*t, I look at liquidity. Obviously if it’s a very low market cap I may be careful with a short, bc you know those things can double/triple overnight, no matter how extended they are.
  • NKLA, has some warrants, gonna be exercisable tomos I think. It’s getting really tight here, gonna be both a good long and short starting tomos. But if this thing breaks out after the warrants become exercisable, and starts going up on volume, it’s gonna be a sick long, bc I think a lottt of people, and funds are short this thing. It’s like a pre rev concept company, with 24B market cap, this thing could pull a Volkswagen.


  • My office setup, this is my office 5mins ago.
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