145 [Many hight tight flags developing! Multi million dollar opportunities setting up! Jun 29, 2020]

  • INO, I reshorted yesterday midday, then the trade worked really well, then had a strong close and I covered it. Now it’s gapping down after gapping up initially, super annoying. Does look weak, I’ll watch orls. Tanking out of the gate, found support on the rising 20ema 60min so far. INO about to go green, great, gonna look for the first red 5min candle. Shorted 50kshares, broke to downside. Triggered more on INO, I have 75kshares short on this thing.
  • SHLL, I bought 50k shares when it broke out hod, midday fri, 19.94 avg. Already sold 15kshares. Bought from the beach drunk, and I’m up half a mil. Selling a little bit more into highs.
  • FMCI, I added on Friday, I sold down on this day here, then on friday I rebought, I have a bigger position than before now, 40kshares. It’s flagging, second time it bounced off the rising 20day. First time it undercut it, this time it bounced off perfectly. This is what I’m always talking about, stocks that ride the 10/20day, you gotta pay attention, they’re screaming at you, literally screaming at you. If this can go sideways a few more days I may add more.
  • TEAM, yeah it looks good, little bit of a choppy kind of name, tends to pull back to the MAs, bit of a slower type of stock. It’s very choppy and mean reverting, tends to pullback to the 50day, so it’s not one of the hyper movers, but you can put a little bit of a wider stop, I’m sure this thing goes to low200s eventually. Looks good, but it’s not a momo leader, be aware.
  • FLSY shorted starter, fourth day it’s up. Quick loss. Reshorted bc it took out lods, added more as it went red. 25kshares short, stop hod. Holy sh*t, need to cover some here, straight down. That’s a fourth day mean reversion setup. First target low 70s, that’s the rising 10day, second target 60 dollar area that’s the 20day, but ofc they will keep moving higher each day.
  • SPXL shorted 15kshares, just in case the markets wanna pull back a bit. Should have done TQQQ but missed the entry on it, bc it’s a bit weaker.
  • BLDP bought 30kshares here, sector momo chart break. This is called a htf, pretty much only setup I’ve been trading last few months.
  • ZM, sizing down, sold 2/3 of my shares, if it closes below the 10day I will sell the rest. It was a nice trade from this 212 area and I did add higher too. Gonna start stalking for a short, actually if it takes out lods later, I’m gonna sell the rest of my long and switch short. Now showing rw, look how close it is to lods, when QQQs not near at all to lows. See ZM was getting really tight, it couldn’t really go up anymore, it just kinda inched higher without really making much progress. Sold out and flipped short. Added more, 7kshares short now, thing is showing rw, no doubt. First stop will be rising 20day about 5% lower, but the next stop in the 200 dollar area [50day], potentially 20% downside from here. Risking $4 to potentially make $40/50.
  • You feel like you chased and you need to hold? There is no such thing ‘I need’. There is no such thing, it’s all a mindset, if you feel like you made a mistake in the markets, you need to correct it right away, before it becomes a bigger mistake. Okay if you ‘want to hold’, that’s another thing, that’s fine, as long as you have an out. I chase sometimes too, but I usually use smaller size and have a wider stop, that’s fine. It’s very important how you frame things. You need to correct your mistakes immediately, as soon as you realise you made a mistake, like an entry, or a position sizing error, or some random fat finger trade, you need to correct it immediately.
  • TSLA undercut the 20day again and put in another higher low, you can clearly see this higher low. These things matter, you need to listen to these charts. The SPYs went lower, QQQs is still below Friday’s lows. Look at TSLA, put in a higher low, off the rising 20day. The charts are speaking to you, all you need to do is listen. It’s showing rs.
  • BILI added 10kshares, have 40kshares now. Kinda anticipating a breakout, hopefully it goes sideways a few more days. This thing is showing some incredible rs, this thing has been going sideways and built hls, the same time the QQQs been pulling back. Where do you think this thing will go once the market stops going lower? It’s gonna go straight to 55, so I’m kinda anticipating, but if it goes sideways a few days then breaks out I’ll add even more.
  • These 5/10% pullbacks in the major indices, they’re great for sniffing out rs. They’re gifts, pullbacks in an uptrending market are a gift.
  • Momentum trumps all. Insider buying and selling, sometimes I may take it into consideration, especially in some kinda smallcap pump stock, like if I know insiders have been dumping into a big move, then I’ll get more confident shorting it once I get a good short setup, but other than that I really don’t give a sh*t about insider buying/selling. Long term yes, but in the short/mid term, it’s not that significant, is what it is, they’re not smarter than anyone else.
  • You need to have a very defined setups, that you know work over time, if you wanna make it in this game. Setups that come back over and over again, every year, every decade. The setups I trade, if I go back and look at charts from 50/100 years ago, it’s the same setups that occur over and over and over again. Same setups, there’s nothing new under the sun. Well I do random stuff too, but I try to stick to these specific setups.
  • WRTC looks intriguing, it doubled, went sideways for a month, been building hls for the past 3weeks, this thing could double again, very low risk.
  • I’m gonna show you guys the perfect stock. TASR. So TASR went from like 35c to over $30 inside of a year, that’s like a 100 bagger. This is a htf, you see how it’s surfing the 20day, goes sideways builds a flag. Now, goes up, pretty much doubles, pulls back a bit, starts surfing the 20day again, builds hls, gets tight, breaks out again. Htf. Pulls back, undercuts the rising 20day, keeps riding the 10day higher. Pulls back finds support on the rising 20day, builds a series of hls, puts in a right range, breaks out on volume, boom. Another htf break. Goes up about 50/60%, pulls back to the rising 50day, builds a series of hls, tight range, breaks out again. So it more than doubles in a month from this htf. Pulls back again, undercuts the rising 20day but puts in a hl, reclaims, puts in a tight range, builds hls, breaks out again, this time it more than doubles again. This is why I keep talking about the rising 10/20day, hls and tight ranges. That’s literally all I talk about every single day. I just saved you $4 and probably hours and hours of time. You don’t need to buy this book, follow the rising 10/20day. This is a perfect stock, now go find those setups. No I don’t buy at the 20day, but sometimes I buy a cheat breakout on the 60min chart or something like that.
  • GSX, I’m gonna use it as a proxy for speculation money, as long as it keeps going higher, the market is in good shape, there is speculation money still coming in. Bc it’s probably a fraud, and it keeps going higher, that’s why.


  • My mom she always tells me, when I go upstairs (I trade from the basement), she always tells me ‘oh you’re so special’ or ‘oh you’re so interesting’ when I tell her something. I’m just kidding guys, I need to clarify, I’m not trading from my mom’s basement. Or am I?
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