144 [I thought I would make a million bucks today shorting $NVAX $INO and $VXRT. Jun 26, 2020]

  • INO, NVAX gapping down, couldn’t even hold up until the open, super annoying. But shorted 50kshares VXRT premarket [1/4 size]. Stopped starter. Oh man wth is going on here, I missed 3 entries on VXRT.
  • INO bouncing now, hopefully open green at least. Bc you don’t want them to open weak, you want them to open strong for your entry. INO okay shorted a starter 50kshares, going straight down. Shorted another 30kshares INO, not a great entry, covering some of those adds immediately, new stop lower. Just covering a few every 50c. Big move down, [at 20ema 60min] need to cover all those adds, this is a big move, down to 53kshares. INO missed 5min candle break entry, gonna try if it pops a little bit. Got filled another 40kshares. Popped back up to 65ema 5min, looking for break of 5min, took a small 30kshare starter. So strong, went from being up 300k to a 70k loss. Okay, this is good, hope this thing extends to 40/50 or something, we’re gonna get an insane opp next week. I just wish I’d covered a bit more, into 25/26s whatever [20ema 60min], but I just felt I didn’t have enough side so I was very cautious with the covers, that’s what happens sometimes.
  • NVAX managed to short a few, 10kshares at 76, added to existing position. Covered some of the adds into flush, hod as stop on everything now. For adds now looking for first red 5min candle, then a break to the downside of that candle. If both NVAX and INO can bounce a little bit more, to the declining 20ema on the 5min, then get a short off those levels. Need to wait for these candles to finish, feels like a trap. Okay NVAX shorting another 10kshares here, anticipating red 5min candle. So strong, stopped out of all today adds. This is what annoys me about when they gap down, or don’t gap up a lot, they can be much more choppy.
  • NKLA, look how perfect this chart is guys, look how perfectly it’s surfing the rising 20ema on the 60min, it keeps tapping that but it can’t break below, so as long as it can hold above this and build hls, I think this thing is gonna squeeze to 100+, I may even add to it, this thing looks so clean, this is a very linear chart. Sizing down on breakdown, all out.
  • Wow everything is selling off rn, that’s not a good sign. We haven’t seen this kind of selling in a while. Feels like I’m gonna size down on a bunch today, pretty much everything in my portfolio is red, haven’t seen that in a while. Even on pullback days, a lot of my stocks have been green or b/e, but now, it’s not even a big pullback today and everything is red. That’s not a good sign guys, this is a warning sign. The good times may be over for now.
  • FSLY shorted 20kshares here, chased a little but that’s fine, the way I see it, I’m risking $3 to make $15/20.
  • My profit taking is different on the short side. I’m much more aggressive, bc it’s different. On the long side things can go up 100/200% over a period of time, but on the short side it’s very unlikely to go down 100%, just math.


  • No shooting until you make your first million? That’s all you guys care about, you wanna squeeze all the info out of me then once you have it, then you won’t care about me anymore. You guys are so evil. You’re gonna buy me a lambo for your first million? That’s really sweet. You hang a picture of me over the fireplace? Nice.
  • Blame the cat. If everything else fails, blame the cat. Bc they can’t argue against you.

#shorting #masterclass

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