142 [Biggest short opportunity in months setting up. Jun 23, 2020]

  • FSLY, still long about 1/5size from 29.15 entry, gonna probably sell all today and go short. Can this thing go to 100 bucks? Sure it can, but rn, this thing is up 600% from the march lows, I just think the odds favour the short side atm. Selling last shares premarket, nice 165% gain in 6weeks, incredible. Short 1min orl. Stopped out orl entry, this thing is too strong. Missed entry, now have to chase it down, why didn’t I put a stop on it. Added on vwap rejection. If we get a decent bounce setup where vwap rejects, I’m gonna add even more size, but rn it’s working nicely. Ah it’s gonna stop me out, I sized down on it, it’s just too strong over vwap rn. I should have just kept my long and avoided the short button. FSLY is either gonna be late today or tomos, I think it’s gonna be a big trade.
  • GNUS is not oversold, this thing is gonna go back to a dollar. Don’t try to knife catch this thing, pure pump and dump, extreme dilution, this thing may never bounce.
  • Trim and Trail, no rocket science, just trim and trail. You think it’s up too much, sell some more. Just trim and trail. Can’t get too greedy on anything.
  • A lot of things are showing weakness today, so it may be a day to finally sell down some exposure, potentially. When you start seeing a lot of stocks reverse at the same time, it can be a sign of danger. Like when you see one or two, which we’ve seen the past few months, that’s usually no problem, but when you see a multitude of them starting to reverse, that’s not good.
  • Midget size? Well if you keep buying and shorting good setups, you’re not gonna do midget size in a few years. I can promise you that.
  • INPX, took a 100kshare starter. I’m amazed this this is not 5 bucks. They seem to be legit, Lenovo tweeted about them, that’s a big deal, that adds legitimacy. Everyone’s been thinking this is just a pump stock, then Lenovo comes in and tweets about their product, that’s a big deal. I anticipated the entry I wanted to get some cheap shares, inside of this space, but yeah if it takes out 1.85 area I’m gonna add.
  • TSLA may add to this, it doesn’t have volume yet, it’s just inching higher, but it could keep inching higher all the way to 1200. It’s not a major breakout area, so it may not ever get any big volume, it may have a below avg vol day and still just keep inching higher.
  • ZM alright look at this, undercut the rising 10ema on the 60min and now it’s back into range. It just keeps surfing these MAs, that’s where these institutions are bidding for them, that’s why you always want to trade these institutional stocks, they’re just so much smoother to trade, than some random smallcap that happens to look good.
  • I used to use the 30min chart, then I moved to the 60min and I was like ok this is better. The less noise you have the better. That’s why it amazes me when I still see some traders on twitter been trading 10/15years and they use the 1min chart, I just don’t see the point. I use 60min 99% of the time. Also he [DanShep] kept saying wait for the ranges, wait for the candle to develop, that’s something that stuck.
  • Yeah higher lows and tight ranges if I wanna go long, lower highs and tight ranges if I wanna go short. Yeah it’s simple, the simpler it is the more money you’re gonna make, trust me on that one.
  • Soon I’ll be at 100M, yeah idk about soon. But yeah I don’t need to double my money too many times to get to 100M, idk about soon, but definitely before I’m 40, I do believe that.


  • I have many thoughts on Jesse Livermore, I think he’s one of the greatest traders that ever walked this earth. This beautiful flat earth. What do you mean? I may or I may not be a flat earther.
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