141 [Opportunities of a lifetime! Jun 22, 2020]

  • NVAX, straight up, 6 days in a row, up almost 40% from my entry. This is why you keep track of momo stocks, you can never lose your sight on these momo stocks, you always have to stalk them. NVAX, oh that’s actually a pretty decent reversal setup, that was a perfect shorting setup. Man you daytraders should not have missed this one, this is a 5* shorting setup. The most profitable daytrading setup there is.
  • NKLA, gapping down, may be a short, if it starts getting rejected here mid low 64 area, it does have a bunch of support at 61.50ish. I would much more prefer the long side, but if starts setting up for a short I’m gonna short it. This thing could very easily go down to 40 bucks, something to be aware of. I wanna be there incase it does. Cant get borrows, I would be shorting the sh*t out of this thing rn, put in a lower high, below vwap. Now it’s taking out highs, gone long. One of the most perfect bullflags, look how relentless, if you have an extended stocks, building hls, in a tight range, this is a very good r/r setup. Added another 10k shares on hod.
  • All airlines/cruiselines at the 20day, I wanna see how they act there. If they can hold the 20day and maybe even close green, there will be a bunch of long setups.
  • ZM thinking about maybe adding, super tight on the 60min, could squeeze to 300 at this point. Gonna stalk this one, risk is so tight, $5 risk to maybe make $50 upside. Reminds me of TSLA back here [Dec/Jan2020] kept bouncing off the 10day, looked overextended but kept going higher and higher. Doubled up, bought another 3600 shares.
  • FSLY, I have sold like 2/3 already, every 5/7% I’ve been selling a piece. But yeah there is a long way to the 10/20day, don’t wanna give back too much profits. I would say, if it closes below Friday’s low, then I would maybe size down a little bit more. Bc this thing is like a 6 bagger in 3 months, it’s up 500%, it’s a big move, getting vulnerable for a pullback, but this thing could go to 90 before closing below the 10day, so I would def use the 10/20day trailing to sell the rest. You don’t wanna miss out on a parabolic run.
  • UONE, no I didn’t short, I spent like 20k on borrows, I guess I should have. When you’re having a really good trading couple of months, you’re gonna get complacent, you’re kinda lose your hunger a little bit. But yeah just before I closed the stream on Fri I was talking about this 44 area, I was trying to get an entry here but the stock just went straight down. You had these lower highs below vwap, and this range break to the downside, I should have shorted. But I didn’t want to hold over the weekend, it would have cost me 120k to hold over the weekend, that’s no joke. That’s also the reason I wasn’t paying that much attention.
  • Only when I’m stalking something specific, I wanna know what the news is, or if it’s something I own and it’s gapping up or down a lot ofc.
  • I’m a chart whisperer? That’s pretty cool aha. That’s the highest form of compliment you can give me tbh. I’m actually the chart listener, I would say I’m the chart listener. I just wish I was as good at listening in my real life as I am in the markets. Bc the difference is, I’ve gotten killed so many times in the markets, like really killed, to the point where I’m like absolutely disgusted with myself, that’s why I learned to listen in the markets.
  • NVTA, holy sh*t, I saw it gapping but then I didn’t pay attention to it. They really like the acquisition news I guess, you can clearly see like, this thing trades on avg 2.5M shares, first 5mins it traded 1M shares, almost half the daily avg vol in the first 5mins. If one had paid attention, this stock gave a clue. You have to listen to those things, the small clues the market gives us. Some people just ignore the clues. You see it all the time on twitter, all that matters is what they think and the market is always wrong. I’m trying to approach it the other way round, I’m always wrong and the market is always right, and the market knows better.
  • Do I study market psychology? No, I mean look, if you pay attention, you don’t have to study, everyday is an opportunity to study market psychology, all you have to do is pay attention. And honestly if you follow price action, you don’t need any market psychology. Sometimes stocks go up on bad news, sometimes they go down on good news, sometimes they run up into an event then sell off, it’s not that complicated. It’s super simple, you don’t have to over complicate these things. If you get a bunch of bad news and the market or a specific stock is going up, it’s giving you a clue. All you have to do is throw your own thoughts aside, and listen, observe. It’s not easy but it’s simple.
  • You’re never gonna make it in this business if you don’t have an edge, and buying something up 4/5 days in a row, that’s not an edge, that’s a short setup potentially. I’m always talking about tightness, the entry was down here, sub 49 (NVAX), last Monday, you gotta buy them when it’s just coming out of these tight ranges.


  • Right now all those robinhooders think they’re winners, but in a couple of months, or whenever the market stops going up, and we get some kinda pullback, and all their robinhood stocks go down 70%, they’re all gonna feel like losers, and they’re gonna join my chat. I’m thinking long term, so there’s gonna be like 50k broke people in here.
  • ‘Put everything together, and simplified it’ thanks really. I’m not gonna wire you 23 grand just for the right to quote you, no. I’d rather delete that tweet than wire 23 grand.
  • Now guys, you don’t get this for free on any other stream, but now let’s comment on the looks of warrior trading.
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