127 [$ZS new earnings trade. Can it double from here? May 29, 2020]

  • MARK is probably a short, it’s a dilution machine, the pump phase of it is over, time to move on. I sold it yesterday late day on this big flush out we had.
  • NBR watching for a potential short. Today is day 4 on the second push, we had the first push here where the stock went up 200%, now we’re on the second push where the stock is up about 70%. Straight down, missed it, was a 5* setup. What an amateur.
  • PENN looking to short if it takes out yesterday’s lows or goes g/r. Shorted some, it undercut support, stopped straight out. I made a big mistake, I shorted right at the bottom of the range, it undercut support and I shorted it, big mistake.
  • ZS bought some, already trading avg vol, if it keeps up vol could be biggest green vol day it’s ever had. Bought a little more, 13k shares now.
  • GAN rebought orhs, [18kshares] even more size than yesterday. Showing strength, yesterday late day there was a lot of weakness, got stopped out.
  • Of course I hit the stop, why would I not? I took a 50k loss on it yesterday. I always hit my stops, that’s why I’m making millions. The only way to make millions in the market is to hit your stops. That’s the big secret. That’s the big secret, trust me on that one. If the stock is close to my stop I usually put a hard stop so I don’t have to watch it. Exactly, you manage your risk, everything else will fall into place. It’s a lot of hard work, you have to find setups that work. I see a lot of people trade these random tickers where they have no edge. You have to trade stocks where you have an edge; that have range, that have volume, that have catalysts, that have news, and then you just manage your risk.
  • TSLA setup is one of the most bullish setups I’ve seen for a while. This is an amazing setup. It’s been building hls for 2 months, it had a big bounce from the bottom, and it’s been holding up super well. As long as it holds this range I’m very bullish on it, but if it starts fading this 795/790 area, then I may even go short. That’s exactly the problem, everyone’s looking at the same setup, but I’m trying not to overthink it; it breakouts I’m gonna buy it, it breaks down I’m gonna short it. I’m just following the price action.
  • You should never chart and trade on the same platform ever. Ever ever. Bc if one goes down you can’t do anything. I have my trading and charting on separate platforms, I even have them on separate computers.
  • Earnings plays, the best ones, they trade their average volume in the first 5 minutes. If you just buy a common breakout, above avg vol is good, but it doesn’t have to be crazy.


  • He’s just having fun [daveydaytrader], there’s no sports now, he has 100M to play around with, who can blame him? We all gotta start somewhere, but he does have a lot to learn. Man, if I could trade around with 100M, there would not be a lot of stocks I could trade.
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