126 [Million dollar setups starting to develop in growth land. May 28, 2020]

  • So far they’re fading all the cyclical names, and the growth names are bouncing. Now if some of these growth names can go sideways for another few days that would be epic, stuff like TWLO, DDOG, PTON, MDB, etc.
  • GAN bought some anticipating orhs, is the highest volume day ever. I think they’re gonna chase it, same sector as DKNG. Held vwap very well so far, already over 3M volume, gonna be the highest vol day. If it builds more hls and starts taking out the highs later, maybe I’ll add. Considering the vol, the news, the sector, recent ipo, it could go to 30 why not.
  • ACB, buying starter. Looks explosive, went sideways in a tight range for 4 sessions, tried to break down couldn’t breakdown. First resistance is 21 bucks declining 150day. Will add some more if it builds, added another 15k shares.
  • A lot of stocks get away all the time, so many stocks I pass on that then go on to make big moves, happens all the time. It is what it is, that’s what’s great about the markets, there’s just so much opportunity, you miss one there’s another round the corner.
  • Some people are super bullish, some people are super bearish, I just trade the volume and price action. I know it’s a piece of sh*t pump, that’s fine, those are the ones that work the best sometimes.
  • I want to see volume build, sometimes it’s not obvious on the first 1min, so maybe I’ll wait for the 5min highs, if it’s not obvious maybe I’ll wait a little bit more, and sometimes I buy on all three, I’ll buy the 1min highs, 5min highs and first 30min highs.
  • If shaken out of a stop do I buy back immediately if proven wrong? I generally wait for a new setup. This is why I always talk about you have to wait for it to close below a certain MA. I’ve been shaken out so many times, this is why I wait to see how it closes.
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