128 [Best swing trading market ever. Just activate autopilpot and all bad news gets absorbed. Jun 2, 2020]

  • You know you’re in a good market when you buy an extended stock and it keeps going. Just everything is working, just amazing. Unbelievable market.
  • INPX had some pump going on yday, I bought it 100kshares then it went absolutely crazy ahs up more than 50%. Thinking about maybe even adding if it takes out orhs, has some volume. It’s a low float, former runner, half a year ago went up 500/600% in a few sessions. INPX has very good volume so far. Gonna move my stop to b/e, this thing always mean reverts to support. Gonna be the highest volume day ever, definitely gonna add back if it starts inching back later in the day, starts taking out hods, reclaims vwap etc. Bought more 180kshares total 1.89 avg. That’s bullish, when it goes straight up like this, that’s a sign of strength. Now need to see if it holds above vwap. INPX, right now it’s below vwap, so there’s a good chance it’s gonna test the vwap and then start fading but if it can hold, and go sideways a little bit here, and then hold above vwap and then breakout that would be good. Okay I’m out, took a 30k loss on those orhs adds. No demand for it up here unfortunately.
  • Cup and handle, no not really. I don’t really look at my setups that way, for me they’re all rangebreaks. I look at overall tightness, I keep it as simple as possible. 95% of technical analysis is total bs, you have to take the bs away and look at what actually works. You take the bs away, and before you know it you can go buy a lambo, cash. Once you take all the bs away you can afford anything you want.
  • Well if you buy orhs and put stop at the low, and the stock takes out lod, that by definition invalidates the orh breakout. You can’t have too tight stops, but they can’t be too loose either bc it screws up your r/r ratio, there’s always a balance with stops. So I always try to be as consistent as possible, bc it’s easy to start second guessing yourself, like ‘oh I put my stop too tight, I got shaken out’ or ‘oh I put it too loose and now I have a bad r/r’, so it’s always important to be consistent with your stops or you’re gonna f*ck yourself up mentally.
  • The 1min has a lower accuracy rate. You’re gonna get stopped out more often on the 1min orhs or orls. The 5min and 60min have a bit higher winrate, but also you have to use wider stops, so it’s a r/r thing there.
  • ZM, ideal scenario if this thing squeezes to 220s today, and then they have a blow out report that everyone knows is gonna be blow out since everyone in the world is using ZM. Then hopefully it gaps to mid 200s or something then has a big reversal, that would be an ideal scenario.
  • You should risk more on higher conviction trades, bc not every trade is created equal. There are once a week opportunities, there are once a month opportunities and then there are once a year opportunities, and you’ve gotta size accordingly. Now obviously to know which opportunities to size more on takes years of experience. Trading is very dynamic, it’s kinda hard to give a blanket approach.
  • GTBC I was thinking about buying it yday. Is coming out of a big range here, could actually be a buy here. I need to check BTCUSD, hm idk. I got f*cked by this one, wtf is this candle about, wth happened? Did someone hack the BTC network? I took a big loss on this one but you gotta get out, those who hesitate, they won’t be trading for long.
  • I always buy breakouts, I buy strength and I short weakness. I don’t like to fight the markets, I always wanna go where the market is going. I’m not that smart to know where things are gonna go, so I just wait for things to start moving in a direction and then I just join the direction, it’s just easier that way.
  • These people that have been trading for 10/15/20years like what’s the point in daytrading, come on. Daytrading is for the young, the fast, the crazy and the people with small accounts. It’s just such a hard way of making a living.
  • It could very easily bounce back but it doesn’t even matter, you gotta get out. Those who hesitate, they won’t be trading for long. I’m sorry that’s just the way it is. You hesitate you die.


  • I’m gonna buy the new X5M. Gonna treat myself.
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