121 [If Twitter says $MARK is worth $16 and I buy at $1.65… is that value investing? May 20, 2020]

  • This is the most profitable setup in the stock market: extended stock, up 3-4 days in a row, and then they reverse. Memorise this [PDD 19/05/2020], doesn’t matter if you’re a swingtrader, daytrader, that’s where the money is.
  • NNDM, it was my main setup on watch coming into the day, and now it’s gapping lower bc of the offering, they just couldn’t resist they had to do it premarket, they couldn’t do it afterhours, f*ckers. Going higher, please give us another opp to short it. Right now it’s holding vwap, maybe 3.70ish I’m gonna take a small starter. The offering priced at two bucks, it’s a total pump. Downside halt, got filled at 3.62 almost full size, stop at 3.90. NNDM reclaimed vwap, it had a washout below vwap and it reclaimed, that’s not good for my short. But on the other hand if it can go to 6/7bucks that would be a very good thing. It’s setting up again, if it loses vwap again I’m gonna short it.
  • LK took some 1min orh, I think this thing could bounce back, it’s not like it’s completely worthless, they still have 100M in legit rev. Stopped out 30k loss straight away. It’s gonna try for orhs again, I’m gonna re-buy it. Just went green after the 26k loss before, selling some [10%] here just to lock in a little bit. Okay gonna sell some more, think this can go to 4 but can’t get greedy on it. Fading back, if it can’t hold vwap will prob need to reconsider my position. Raise my stop a little bit. First loss was annoying, I anticipated 1min orhs, first min candle was built and then it was just lower, took out orls.
  • INPX fading so far, but man I think it’s gonna go one of these days, bc it’s been building hls for the past week. I have to believe it’s gonna go one of these days, you have to be a believer, if you’re not a believer you’re a loser. That’s a fact. Added some hod break.
  • Covering some MRNA and NVAX from yesterday. Missed NVAX add at 53/52.50 range, but covering some into flush. Covering more, MRNA looks like it wants to bounce, down to 7300 shares. Has had a nice fade, made over 20%.
  • This is how I trail the stops on these high fliers, like FSLY I had my stop on the lows of this earnings day at the beginning, now it’s just trailing, I’m using the 20day as my stop, if it closes below the 20day, I’m out. Same with SE, I moved up my stop, it was like 56.10 now it’s at 59 I’m moving to 60 bucks now. MELI I’m not moving it yet bc the 20day hasn’t caught up yet, but once this 20day gets above my current stop, then I’m gonna start moving my stop higher. That’s how you do it, no rocket science involved, just common sense.
  • ZM I think is setting up really well. You would think this stock would go down, it has a higher mcap than all the airlines put together, unbelievable. But I think it’s gonna go higher, it’s building hls on both the daily and 60min, I think this thing could squeeze to 200, 220, 250. I don’t think there’s a short setup here rn, it’s just building hls, it’s more bullish than bearish that’s for sure. It’s in the middle of a range, when it’s in the middle of a range, rs and rw don’t really mean much. You gotta look at the trend on the stock, it’s just building a base here. If it breaks out over this it’s gonna go to 220 straight up. But a rangebound stock, I don’t think you can look at rs rw. Unless it’s over many days, like let’s say the market keeps going higher, and it’s building lower highs, that’s obviously a strong sign, but in this case I think it’s too early to say. Unless it fails this series of higher lows, and fails the 10day on the daily chart, then it could get interesting for a potential short, but rn it’s one of the strongest stocks really.
  • INO yeah it’s already failing. The second fail at vwap was the short entry. Could fade back to sub 15.
  • SRNE, if it closes really weak today, then opens weak tomorrow, I think there could be a big rebound in it. It’s a total piece of sh*t, it was a total pump job but it could bounce.
  • TSLA, this is a 5* bullflag, one of the best setups right now. Relentless hls, volume is dying off, range is dying off. This thing breaks out oh man, it’s gonna go to 1000 bucks.
  • I’m gonna show you guys something; PZZA vs DPZ. I’m gonna show you why rev growth vs gross margin, why it’s so important. DPZ from 2008 lows, it’s up almost 9000%, PZZA from 2008 is only up 1200%. Why? Bc Dominos had about twice the rev growth and higher gross margins than Papa Johns. That’s why their stock is up like 5x as much.


  • Fading out of the gate, that ain’t great.
  • Trading is super easy, it’s the easiest thing in the world, that’s why everyone is so successful at it.
  • I only want losers in my chat, if you’re not a loser gtfo, if you’re a loser you’re welcome to stay.
  • My main setup, I have 2x 34inch screens, this is what I use usually. Intraday, 60min, daily and weekly.
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