120 [All the pumps lost mojo. May 15, 2020]

  • Someone pressed the off button on these pumps. I got just like f*ck it they keep taking everything straight up, so I starting chasing a bunch of random tertiary names, not great. If just one of them had worked, but none of them are working, I lost like 50k a pop on these. You gotta be early in the cycle. Sometimes it works buying late in the cycle, and sometimes people are having serious fomo and they chase something late in the cycle but most of the time they don’t work. And I paid dearly for that lesson, I’ve learnt that lesson so many times but I still have to relearn it a every single year, f*cking r*tard.
  • Okay I gotta get my head straight now, there’s so many big opps coming up every single week, every single month, just need to be prepared. Can’t fight yesterday’s battles. It’s all good, now it’s all about focusing on the next ones. Tomorrow I won’t even remember these stocks.
  • AVAV, it’s a 1.4B market cap, then the contract is totally irrelevant. If it had been a microcap, the new contract would have been huge, but now it’s just meh. And it’s probably over 3 or 5 years, so it’s a very small amount annually probably.
  • APT, I think it’s gonna go. I mean look the the chart, daily, weekly, it’s really a 5* chart. It’s been building hls relentlessly for 2 months now, and yesterday broke this range, on big volume too. I think it’s gonna go, I will be surprised if this thing doesn’t go to 20.
  • AYTU, it held the rising 50day so far, maybe in a few sessions if it can set up again, if this thing comes back from the bad earnings report reaction maybe it can go. It was the same thing with CODX, it tried a couple of times and then it really went, similar charts, so maybe next week or week after we get a nice setup on it.
  • Cannabis stocks, I mean just wait for the momentum to turn up, there’s no point trying to catch a bottom on those things. CGC, looks like sh*t, nice rev growth but still a long way from any kind of profitability. CRON even worse, trading 50x sales, they really need to ramp up their sales. CGC has a big big partnership, constellation brands one of the biggest beverage makers, so CGC could be a winner over the long term, but need the momo to turn up higher. ACB 16% rev growth, this thing is not even a growth stock anymore, look at the rev growth; 222%, 260%, 363%, 305%, 417%, 154%, last quarter 3%, this quarter 16%, no one wants their product. I don’t think these guys gonna make it if they can’t ramp their sales up. TLRY, they have great rev growth still, it’s decelerating but still pretty good,, still triple digits, okay trading 3x sale TLRY pretty cheap. But what I don’t like they’re increasing their loss, you don’t want increased losses with increased sales, you want decreased losses.
  • Stick to things that have momo, stop trying to catch bottoms, if something has big potential, it’s gonna go up hundreds, thousands of percent, it’s not gonna just go up one day. It’s gonna go up for years and years. Catching the uptrend, that’s where the big money is. It’s not gonna help you if you buy a stock in a downtrend, it goes down 50% then it doubles, it’s not gonna help you, you’re back at zero.


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