119 [The most speculative portfolio ever. Can $FMCI double-triple? May 14, 2020]

  • CODX, VTIQ, these things are getting to me man. Why did I sell? I could have made half a million by just sitting and doing nothing. Sometimes the best trade, is not selling something you own.
  • NVAX gapped below this 39.50s support area, so far holding, short some took out lows. MRNA and CODX super strong, no reason for NVAX to go down rn, prob will stop me out. Put in another higher low on 60min and daily, that’s bullish. Wow taking out lods I should add. Now at yesterday’s lows, if it loses yesterday’s lows later, I’m gonna double up on my short.
  • NCLH short some more orls. All these airlines and cruiselines looking like sh*te. Covering small pieces of all of these into weakness.
  • AYTU, bought 100k shares, it’s a piece of sh*t but I think it could go. Is just breaking a range, just like CODX was. If this thing goes, risking 10c to make maybe $2-3. Earnings don’t matter on this thing, they don’t make any money anyway so there’s no way they could report bad. Okay they have some small sales, the report might even be pretty decent since they have some contracts, but it’s not what matters here, it’s all about the hype with this thing, so I’m not really worried about the earnings report. If you’re gonna buy one of these pump stocks make sure it’t not a big position, bc you never know if it’s gonna gap down 50%.
  • You really need to be a special kind of person to make it in trading. These constant mind f*cks, they can really get to you. Constantly get f*cked all over, everyday you get f*cked on something. Variance? Okay… I call it getting f*cked. Exactly, it pisses you off, it frustrates you, you really need a special mentality for trading. You kinda need to have a personality that likes to get f*cked every single day. Just saying, just my personal observation. 2% skill, 98% mental. Exactly we come back every single day, to get f*cked again, and deep down, we enjoy it. We’ll never admit it, but we all enjoy it deep down. It’s 2% skill, 98% lube. But sometimes… sometimes we f*ck back, sometimes you just nail something perfectly, and you’re like f*ck you mr market, I gotcha. But it doesn’t happen too often.
  • You gotta feel these things coming. You gotta look at the signs. When I saw the bearflags about to break down 2-3 days ago, I just felt it in my bones. I sold down a bunch of stuff.
  • MRNA looks like it’s about to breakdown here off this 62.50 area, with a series of lhs, but it could very easily reclaim and get back into this 63/64 range. But I did short 50k shares, with a dollar stop, see if it can breakdown. Stopped me out, a quick 15k, what else would I do with the money? That was quick, 4 mins, it held the range. I’m gonna watch this range, 66 for a potential long, 62.40 short, for later, hopefully not today.
  • The greatest thing about a pullback, is you get to play the weak stocks that go down, and you also get to see the rs in the strong stocks. So these mild pullbacks in an uptrend is like the best thing that could happen. The real leaders stand out.
  • PSTI going, bought a bunch, is another covid pump with a really nice looking chart. These things are all going, you have to be where the speculation money is, and this is it, this is the sector. Look at this chart, hls for like a month. This is the sector to be rn, they’re chasing these stocks like crazy. IBIO I may buy some too, I’m buying all of them. VBIV is another one, I’m buying everything, I’m gonna buy a portfolio of sh*t stocks. This is where all the pump money is going, they’re pumping these so hard on twitter rn. PSTI and AYTU, 5* flag setup. If MRNA and NVAX hold and don’t break down, I think these things are gonna explode. This is where the money is rn, the laggards can make big moves too.
  • So many pump themes going on rn it’s impossible to keep track of everything. INPX is another thermal camera play or something related, big vol, big former runner. Back in jan2020, this thing went from like 2-30, then had a reverse split. Just bought 100k shares, 15k risk. Tomorrow all of these things could be down 50%, but rn, you can just see the money flowing into these things.
  • Some companies are just so badly managed. This is why I always try, even if I think something is really stupid, like I thought these crypto currencies were, I just thought it could be the next big thing right. So I opened up all these fiat portals and I bought some of these, BTC, ETH, some other alt coins. Bc I realised, no matter how stupid something is, there could be something there, I need to be there incase it’s the next big thing. I don’t wanna be one of these people that gets older and older and just keeps doing everything the same way they’re been doing it, and then they start complaining when the world around them has changed. We all know people like that, it’s kinda sad and pathetic, I just don’t want to become one of these people. Having said that, I’m actually gonna try the new version of tc2000 after this stream. Exactly, people don’t realise, you have to constantly adapt, what worked 20 years ago probably won’t work going forward. I think being able to adapt is the greatest superpower. You don’t have to be the hardest worker, you don’t have to be the smartest person, you don’t have to be the fastest person (catching new trends etc etc), what you have to do is being able to adapt. In life, in business, I think it’s the biggest superpower anyone could have.
  • FMCI, just bought 100k shares, f*ck this thing it’s gonna go to 20. You know what I’ll buy even more, aiming for 150k shares of this thing. That’s me pushing this thing higher btw, 30c stop. If this thing goes, this it the market for it, I’ve seen this before. It’s my money, I’m gonna go big on it. Now I’m instantly down a bunch of money on it but that’s okay, if it stops me out I’m gonna lose like 50k. Look, these things are working, I just have a feeling okay. This is a risk on market, what’s the point in trading a risk on market if you don’t take any risk. If there’s any time these things are gonna work, it’s now. Idk this is not the time you ask questions, you ask questions later. I’ve seen these types of market environments before. They happen maybe once, twice per year, I’m always too cautious, but just one time, one time I wanna be there, go big, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, at least I can sleep well knowing I took the shot.


  • Please market gods, I’ll sacrifice a goat.
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