122 [Will my value investments make me a million or should I stick to momentum trading? May 21, 2020]

  • ENPH is one I shorted yesterday, look at the 60min chart, this 67 dollar break, that’s textbook. You have a stock that’s straight up, and on the third day you get a third day reversal, on an already extended stock. Just textbook, textbook. Memorise these patterns guys, there’s millions in them. This is the most profitable strategy there is in the stock market. Trust me on this one. What a homerun, guys memorise this chart. You have this extended chart, you had many waves up, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 waves or momentum bursts or whatever, the stock more than tripled in two months. And then you have an already kinda extended stock, and then you get the third day reversal 60min chart, setup perfectly, 67 breakdown. That’s when I shorted midday yesterday. A dollar risk, and I’m almost up like $9 already. And this thing has no support until like 54 or something.
  • (Extended: one is the percentage move 226% in two months, that’s a pretty big move for a midcap stock, and then you also count the number of days, usually the best reversals happen on day 3-4 when you have an already extended name. Then you can also look at how many percent it is above it’s MA, the 10day, 20day, 50day etc. this thing two days ago was like 70% above it’s 50day that’s a pretty big move.)
  • NVAX looking to add if it confirms on the downside, but it needs to confirm. Rn the level to add is like 52 bucks, but it needs to confirm. Preferably we get it mid or late day, I don’t want it to trigger near the open, gonna pass on it if it does. Confirmed to downside, gonna try to short some on pops. NVAX, gonna wait for the lows of this 60min candle, in 14mins, we’re gonna get a new candle and I’m gonna short the lows of that.
  • MRNA the add spot would be this 71/70 area. MRNA prob my miss of the day, 71.70 was the trigger. Should have had a hard stop in it, prob gonna go back to 60s.
  • BA bought some 1min orhs, no resistance until 170, that’s like 20% from here. It’s a beaten down stock, probably not going to go out of business (too big to fail), and it just reclaimed the 50day, and today it broke out. Look it could stall anywhere, just protect your downside, and let it work, let it do its thing.
  • NCLH looks by far the best shipper, gonna add to this, have 110k shares now. Really no resistance on this thing until like 17.50, that’s the recent high, second target would be maybe $20 area. What a homerun, I’m selling some more, I’m a little bit oversized on it.
  • MARK looking to add to it, have 400kshares looking to add another 100kshares if it breaks higher. I think this is about to do something absolutely fantastic, look at the 60min, it looks very similar to down here when it was in the 1.10 area, then it more than doubled, went up 140% in a few days. Looks very similar, why can’t this thing go to $2.50/3. Going to put some more stops in here, incase it starts breaking the hls, I’m gonna size down. Actually I’ve also removed my lowest stop.
  • I do believe in psych numbers, but I don’t think 150 on BA is a psych number, it’s just a random number in the middle of a range. I think 1000 on TSLA was a psych number, it never reached that, and I think 1000 on TVIX was also a psych number. It hit 1000.00, now don’t tell me that wasn’t a psych number.
  • PDD finally bouncing, I gave back 150k on this fade, I didn’t sell enough on this day when it started reversing. Looks like it’s finding some support here on the 10day so far, just what a growth/momo stock should do. Should find support on the 10day/20day, it’s supposed to do it.
  • DXCM shorted some, it’s an extended name, starting to breakdown. I’m risking $5 maybe, why can’t this thing go down $50. It wouldn’t be crazy to have a little bit of a market pullback, so I’m building my short portfolio a little bit. Fading now and really no support until the rising 20day, and if it loses that could go back to like 340s/330s.


  • I get stoned every time I trade a weed stock.


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