116 [Over $9 million in long exposure. Something has to go before the weekend…. May 8, 2020]

  • Lots of earnings today, but I don’t see anything buyable. Maybe this GH, just coming out of a long base, thin but it looks pretty decent.
  • MARK, trying to add orhs. It’s a complete piece of sh*t, and those are the best ones, those are the ones that make the biggest moves. It’s a few cents chase here but hey, if it’s gonna go to 2 bucks a couple of cents is not gonna matter much. Is shaping up here, building hls, but don’t think i’ll add more to it. If it can breakout, take out this 1.15 later in the day I’m willing to add to it.
  • PDD bought some.
  • One positive sign is, all the bearflags I had on watch are resolving to the upside.
  • TSLA setting up in a way to risk $10/15 to make maybe $300. I put in a buy order, lets see where it goes, let’s see if it can go to the moon again.
  • NET they’re selling this off, had a big run up into earnings yesterday. They were all thinking it would gap up big like PTON, TWLO, FSLY did, like all these stocks did. This is why I’m sticking to my discipline. So hard to stick to discipline when you see every stock gapping up 20/30% on earnings no matter what, but once that ends it’s back to normal where things can also gap down.
  • A lot of these value indices are starting to break higher, that’s a good thing, I’m gonna keep the indices up even though many of the growth names are pulling back. That’s a sign of strength, it’s a good sign, apparently the world didn’t end, and the markets are starting to price in that.
  • VTIQ I was like yesterday f*ck it, I’ll buy VTIQ, I don’t give a sh*t I’ll just buy it,bc the technicals lined up, and I didn’t give a sh*t about the eventual fundamentals. That’s the type of market we are in, who cares about fundamentals. The more money a company loses, the more it’s worth, that’s just how it is. Now it’s not always gonna be that way, but right now that’s how it is, and it’s not my job to fight it, my job is to make money.
  • Good job citron, you’re really good at what you do. I think if you bought everything that citron shorted, you would outperform the market, I really do. Makes me think about this GSX, but GSX is china, so there’s always a risk idk.
  • CODX working, too bad I sold about 40% my position. Came out of this tight tight range 60min chart, I bought it in 14s, 14.87 is my avg, I chased a little. Looks good, I think it’s a pump job, had ties to offshore boiler rooms, that’s great, means it’s probably gonna go to 25/30, that’s a good sign. Could be an add spot there 15.70 area, on the daily. Too bad it didn’t close above 15 yesterday then I would have held my full position, it closed too weak I just didn’t want to take any risk.
  • ETHE also bought this etf, nice little breakout, BTC has been strong, I just saw a good r/r, maybe it can go to 200.
  • Right now pretty much everything is acting really well, so I can’t really say rn what I will sell down, but anything that closes weak I’ll probably trim. When you’re heavily invested you just have to get rid of everything that’s not acting perfectly.
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